Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I call him Chubsy

Chubsy, Squishy, Elephant boy (due to the sound he makes while pooping-Jackie), Stinker, Little Mister...
whatever you may call him, I call him cute!
More pics on the left, click on 2007

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wondering where I've been?

Hello everyone! Um, so I really don't have any good excuses left, but Christopher and I have been quite the little travellers. To Colorado and back to take Colton to his dad's, on a train to Spokane to visit Jackie and the girls for a week and a half and then soon I will be visiting my family in the midwest! Not to mention we may or may not tag along with Jesse to Dallas for his work! Amidst the travelling we have ongoing work in the basement, spent Father's Day weekend laying sod in the backyard and had a bed and couch delivered to our house. And then finally turning one year closer to 30! Sooooo with all that I hope you can excuse my delinquency of blogging! Love you all and hope that your summer and just to smooth things over with you, here are two cute pictures of Christopher!