Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Elf on the Shelf Days 1-7

Day 1- Our Elf on the Shelf arrived and was named Remarkable Farkle Skittles (Colton and Christopher via names picked out of a hat) Evan was very excited that Farkle Skittles could correspond with Elfie (the Elf that reports to his house).

Day 2 - Dancing with Cinderella

Day 3- Riding a Ceramic Dragon with a toy sword in his hands (he heard we were going to visit Medevial Times that night)! Picture to come!

Day 4- Swinging around the kitchen light

Day 5- Getting a piggyback ride from our shelf frog!

Day 6 (November 30th): Farkle was found wrapped up in our Fall decorations and tearing them down since tomorrow is December and he wants the Christmas decorations to come out! He took this:

And did this:

Day 7: (December 1st) Since we didn't have a tree yet, Farkle thought he would help us by decorating the main floor bathroom. He is very excited to start celebrating Christmas!

Your eyes aren't fooling you, he dyed the toilet water green and put glitter and an ornament inside! Silly elves!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Awana Grand Prix

Sunday night we attended the Awana Grand Prix. Colton with his car "Road Rage" got first, then second to make it to the final race and finally came in fourth! Christopher swept the race with his "Spiderman" car got first in the Cubbies division and Carson with his "Thomas" car won a few races and recieved first for design!

Colton is already planning on how he is going to pick a more aerodynamic design for next year! :)

Colton sanding his car, getting ready to paint! Christopher with his car getting ready to paint!
Celebratory dance after Christopher's car came in first
Brothers with their first place trophies!
Carson and Christophers cars going head to head!

(Thomas and Spiderman)Colton excited for his car to race

Christopher awarded his trophy. When they put the microphone to his
mouth and asked "what would you like to say?" His reply "I am the winner!"

Carson after it was announced that he won 1st for design.

(Though I am not sure he really knew why everyone was so excited for him!)
So excited about his trophy that he slept with it!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Halloween 2011

Thought I better post our Halloween pics before it's Christmas! The kids had a great time! This is as close as Carson ever got to wearing his Thomas costume, but once he realized that if you knocked on people's doors they would give you candy. I love that revelation at this age, it's too funny! Except that when we took his tiny over-flowing bucket away to dump it in the stroller, he had a full-blown, two-year-old tantrum screaming at us to "give back canneeeey"!
The pics are in reverse order, but you get the idea :) Now on to Thanksgiving and Christmas projects.

This is our "haul"! Insane amount of candy
Notice the abundance of Almond Joy; Christopher, for some reason, thought they were "Superman candy" and said they were his favorite... ug, you really can't argue with a 4 yo in front of the person offering them free candy. So whenever they let him choose, he would pick Almond Joy. Yuck. Clearly we need to coach them next year on the ones to pick!

Carson in his raincoat, er, costume.

Calista riding in her box-stroller

Super Mario Bros to the rescue. (Colton took off with his friends out the door, so no pics of him trick-or-treating)

Christopher showing how we make the "poop"(tootsie rolls and raisinets) to put in our kitty-litter cake for the neighborhood Halloween party. I think a few brave souls tried the cake!

Calista LOVING her first taste of candy! She happily slurped at the sucker and was *really disappointed* when we took it away!
(Note: I am not one of those parents that think they will be ruined if they taste sugar before they are five years old. Don't judge me!)

Our pumpkins: Auto-bot Transformer (Colton), Spiderman(Christopher), Thomas face (Carson), Baby girl pumpkin(Calista)
These pics were taken when they were freshly-carved. By Halloween the squirrels, slugs and black flies did their job and the rotten nasty pumpkins were dumped into a garbage bag Tuesday morning!

Colton carved the Transformer entirely by himself!

Making the outlines for Colton and Christopher's pumpkins

Christopher cutting out spiderman's eyes

Pumpkins all lined up ready to be carved