Friday, September 21, 2007

He may not be Einstein...

But he shares another similarity! This picture of Christopher just cracks me up!
Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Happy from my Nappy!

My very good friend left some tips on her blog last week on how to acheive the perfect nap, so I decided to attack this Monday with a nap! Sorry, Amber, I'm an under-the-covers napper, but the rest of the tips worked great! Now I am ready to summit Mt. Laundry!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Update

Ok, so even though summer is not officially over, the weather has definitely changed to fall here. So why am I still just as busy?

Here is an update on what has been going on around here:

1. Visited Jesse in Cutbank last weekend since he had to stay there and needed some company. Plus we spent all of Saturday in Glacier! It was beautiful!

2. Christopher had his first pool experience at the hotel! He liked it even though the water was freezing!

2. Dentist Check up (Why is it, that the only time I floss is right before I go to the dentist? Like I get extra points for "catching up", or something! Does anyone else do that? Whatever, liars!)

3. Colton started soccer. There is nothing more amusing than watching 3 on 3 Five year olds try to remember which goal is theirs, to have good sportsmanship when the other team scores, and remember to pass to your teammates! He is having a great time and you all can officially call me a Soccer Mom! (He's the one with black shorts and black socks)

4. At 4:00 today I will be stopping by Walgreens to pick up 412 pictures that I ordered. Why? Oh, Laura Beth, Katie, and I will be joining forces for a Scrap-A-thon til midnight (or later). I am sooooo excited! The last thing that I scrapbooked was Colton's 2nd birthday!

5. Christopher and I went to the Ladies Garden Tea Party on Tuesday to honor Abby K. and I could not find a fancy hat for any thing. My solution... put the garden in my hair! It was fun getting dressed up (I know Rachel M. is laughing out loud right now), and getting together with a bunch of women. It was really nice to honor Abby, we will miss her!

My "hollywood" pose!

6. Don't get fitted with contacts when you are pregnant and not order them until after. Your eyes change, and not a little bit, but pretty drastically. My glasses broke (huh, imagine that. Again) and so until they could be replaced, I ordered contacts from my last exam (pregnant). I put them on (not pregnant), tried to drive around and had to cut my errands short because these things were making my vision absolutely backwards! I think I would've been better without any in! So I have an appt. for a new fitting.

7. Christopher got his 4 month check up on Tues. 17 pounds(74%) and 27 inches long(93%). Him and his carrier/car seat together weigh 27.8 lbs. I am getting some sweet biceps!

8. Colton has been making this wheezy, gurgly sound when he breathes for the past three days. Which I thought might just be Colton being Colton. But yesterday it sounded pretty bad, so again we went to the dr. and he has a bronchial infection. Opps, well chalk it up to the times that I took him right away and it was a case of the sniffly sneezes.

9. I am anxiously awaiting a text from Rachel M. (to be exact, Kris, her husband) to find out what they had, what they named it, how big it is! She was enduced at 5 am this morning!!!

10. Jesse just walked in the door. Carrying a little bag from the Pita Pit. It is sooo yummy and any new restaurant in GF is reason to celebrate!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Our "bible"

So Jesse was probably one of those kids that pretended to pay attention at church and so I shouldn't have been surprised when he handed me the outline (giggling) this sunday with his "notes". Bold items are to be replaced with what is in parentheses.

Three Enemies of a Focused Family

1. Selfishness
(bible verses)
2. Slothfulness
Proverbs 24:30-34 I walked by the field (kitchen) of a lazy person, the vineyard (dishes and tupperware) of one lacking sense (were everywhere). I saw that it was overgrown with thorns. (the counter was messy.) It was covered with weeds (sticky stuff), and it's walls were broken down.

Hmmm, after a little discussion and him pleading "I meant this for both of us!", I had to laugh and have a little grace. I am thankful that he keeps things in perspective for me and knows when I need a chuckle. I love him!
But in my defense, Sunday morning I had two children dressed and clean, fresh blueberry pancakes and bacon prepared all before church and the mess from the previous nights' dinner (made by Jesse) taking over the counter.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

That's MY man!!!

As I type this, my awesome husband is boarding a plane for Florida. Why, you may ask?
We-he-elllll (as I puff out my chest for my humble hubby), he is being recognized nationally by the AUSA (attorneys) for a child exploitation case that he worked on, that led from a bad guy here to a really bad guy in Florida. He worked with Jon (Wendy's hubby) from the GFPD and another ICE agent out of Florida, who are also being recognized.

He is so cool. Plus really hot!!!! :)