Thursday, September 25, 2008

Didja miss mee?

Hey there! Sorry it has been so long.
So much "bloggable" stuff has happened that I did have the time to blog.
So to recap what has happened for the past MONTH!...

1. My sister and her husband and two boys came up for a visit. We stayed here, my dads' in Helena and a cabin near Crow Creek Falls. Here's some pics:

Christopher and Blake playing in a stream
Cooking dogs over the campfire

Connie looking for sapphires ( I love this pic)
(looking for sapphires: picking through lots of gravel, they look like windshield glass. She found the biggest one and it was a little smaller than a dime and as thick as a pencil eraser- before being cut)
Connie and Evan, and Jesse and Colton playing on rocks where we went fishing
Here are a bunch more pictures that they took (and the rest of mine once I upload them to their site)

2. Colton's first day of First Grade!!!
(it always makes me think of the Chris Rice song, "Billy Joe McGuffrey was a really clumsy kid... and it goes on and on.)

3. We tagged along on one of Jesse's work trips and spent two days in San Diego!
Here's a few pics, but I'll add more on a blog just for our trip.

Colton got his face painted at the San Diego Zoo
The boys at the Aquarium at Lego Land

Feeding/Petting the dolphins at SeaWorld
(I stood in line for a long time to buy 6 anchovies for $12.00)
Jesse and Colton (last row) on Atlantis ride-SeaWorld
Me and Colton after the big drop on the Atlantis ride
(he actually did enjoy it)

4. Not as significant, but noteworthy. While we were in SD, my bro-in-law informed me they were opening up a new suffix (probably not the correct term) for internet things (.com, .org, .gov) and he grabbed for me. Isn't that cool?! Right now it will only send you back here,but I am working on putting together a better homepage and I plan on moving over to that site pretty soon.

5. We paid off our car!!! Though, again, may not be huge in the scheme of things, but to think that in January it was $14,000 and we worked really hard at attacking our debt! Watch out Visa, you're next!!!