Monday, February 26, 2007

I don't do dishes

Ok so really I do, do dishes. But that is the name of the fun fingernail polish I got. Hmm, maybe it will make my toes look less puffy!

P.S. Jackie, we have an appointment for pedi's when you are here!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hmmm...thursday thoughts

1. I could try and find a pair of sassy shoes online to participate in Sassy Shoe Thursday.
2. Two more weeks until I stop watching kiddos. Kind of sad, kind of relieved.
3. Realizing we only have 10 weeks (or less) until baby Harrison James arrives on the scene. (Yes, I am starting to call him Harrison. I like it, so there!)
4. ONE HOUR Maternity massage on Saturday! (Due to Linda Micheals' scheduling issues they had only booked me for a half hour and didn't realize until the massage lady said
"Well, how do you feel?"
Me- "Oh, (pause), an hour goes by so fast."
Lady- "You were only scheduled for a half hour."
So after getting dressed and me being almost in tears, I took a deep breath and we compromised with a discount on the half hour and then using the gift certificate this weekend for a full massage. I have to say that I am proud that I did not break down. I'm so drama sometimes:) Hee Hee)
FYI: If you ever get a massage, I would recommend to spring for the full hour. Half hour is such a tease!
5. Feeling guilty that I have led Jesse to temptation with his diet. I have tried to keep my snacks healthy (at least when he is around)! But seriously, did he think that I would forgo my daily nibble of chocolate or my crazy craving for Little Athens Gyros. Come on, you can't be on a diet around a pregnant lady!
6. I have to hide my scotch tape from Colton. I am down to my last roll and we have Rescue Heroes with extensive tape bandages!
7. As he was digging in the computer drawer for the tape, he found a generic calculator I think we got from a bank. It has become his cell phone and he will imitate and repeat me when I am on the phone. So if you call and I am giggling, that is why!
8. I am proud to say that besides what we are physically wearing, every article of clothing in our house is clean. (I had a mound of clothes that were categorized as "low priority", which really meant that they should've been taken to the Goodwill last year.) But they are clean and will be boxed and donated... soon.
9. Thinking about all the clutter around me and the remodeling going on in my house. Hmm... I feel some nesting coming on! Just bring it!
10. Colton accidentally knocked over my viney, leafy plant (horticulturist, I am not) that I has traveled with me for 6 years and 4 different homes, and one of the long pieces broke off. You are supposed to stick them in the dirt and they will continue to grow, but it isn't looking very good. I hope it survives.

So for my Sassy shoe friends:
...Matisse Divine
...2 1/4 heel (I can handle that)
...hmm, with baby car seats and sheetrock to purchase, probably not happening. bummer.
Can you tell I am ready for spring!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Everyday, at least 3-5 times per day, my dog goes to the edge of our house to smell the street light pole. I made myself laugh at the thought of me, checking to see if I have any comments or email, she's checking to see which dogs have stopped by to leave her pee-mail. Hee Hee... pee mail.

It's ok I am totally aware of my dorkiness!

Camera Sadness

Sorry that I haven't blogged for a while, it certainly hasn't been due to lack of events or crazy thoughts running through my head. My camera has slowly been dying since Christmas vacation. No, not any malfunctions. Somewhere between Kansas City, Sioux City or Elk Point, SD, I have misplaced my battery charger. I have been able to add pictures since then because I will turn it on, snap the picture, turn it right off, when ready to upload; turn it on, upload, turn it right off. Well obviously, that will only work for a limited time. So sitting in front of me is a piece of machinery, sad, unable to squeeze enough juice to allow me to upload 4 eventful pictures. Colton saved enough money from potty/drink tickets and chores to buy his HotWheels bike. We went on a maiden ride this Sunday after church. He was soooo excited and despite the wind (ug), went all the way around the track at the park (1/3 mile).
Well since I really like to have pictures with my blogs, here are two of my favorites from when Colton was born.

Colton a few days old

Colton's first giggle

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Love is...

Today being Valentines Day, (and me struggling to have a loving, patient, quiet heart), I decided to give you an example of what love looks like in our house hold!

Love is...
-48 cupcakes cooking in the oven for Awana's tonight.
-taking a breath before I yell at the next naughty act.
-crying and hugging on the kitchen floor with Colton after he markered on someone's sock, spit food at lunchtime and blatantly lied about other naughty choices. (yes, this all happened just this morning)
-praying for forgiveness and listening to my son's heartfelt prayer for forgiveness.
-printing off numerous hearts for pre-school time
-deciding that I could let them have cupcakes twice (at snacktime and tonight at Awanas) instead of making an additional snack
-sending a card and putting encouraging bible verses on decorative paper (to put up around her room) to a good friend that is in the hospital and away from her family. (Thanks for doing this for me, Jackie, when I was going through my divorce)
-prepping for supper (Jesse put himself on a rigid diet) and not trying to convince him we should go to Jakers!
-getting my heart right before the kiddos wake up from their nap!
-focusing on the people that I love and how I can impact their lives.
-giving thanks for them and the One that put them in my life!
-sharing my heart to my blog friends instead of just trying to pretend that everything is going well.
-and oh yeah, anticipating the maternity massage on Saturday that Jesse got me!!! :)

If you made it through the entire blog, thank you for being available for my online therapy session! I think I am better now and can accomplish the rest of my day with some enthusiasm! Hmm, can I really blame this on hormones! Hee Hee! I think that in honor of Valentines, I have earned a bite of chocolate! Love you all and hope that you are feeling loved!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Anti-Floam blog

So normally I try to foster and grow any type of creative outlet, but NEVER again will it involve Floam!!! I had seen it on tv and have really wanted to try it! Colton got this from his dad a while ago and it looked pretty messy, so was put on a shelf until I could devote the time (i.e. direct supervision) to help him with it. Maybe our batches (there were two buckets in the package) were defective or whatever, but this boasted on the package how it was "No Mess". Not for us! Even after molding and mixing it for a few minutes, it completely stuck to our hands and nothing could wash it off! We finally had to peel it off with paper towels. Has anyone else had this experience with this product? If you haven't tried it or your child gets this as a gift, I would suggest hiding it, taking it back, or just throwing it away!


He also found an art easel I bought at the After-Thanksgiving Sale that, technically I haven't been hiding, but just didn't have the room right now with the basement being torn apart. So I put it together and here is a couple of pics I snapped of him and his first drawings.

First Self Portrait

Drawing a picture of me, Jesse and him

Mom (with baby in tummy), Jesse, and Colton.
(the squiggles on our foreheads? Our brains, of course)

Friday, February 02, 2007

Creatures of habit

Ever notice that you do the same things every day or the same thing in the same situation? We also are like this, but what happens when it gets thrown off...

1. Towel hanger on back of bathroom door breaks-
Result: Damp towels get tossed either on dresser (me) or on top of a stack of nicely folded clean towels (Jesse).

2. Dishwasher fails to get unloaded in a timely manner-
Result: Dishes start to immigrate from the sink to the edges until they claim half of the counter. This can happen if the sink is full or empty. I don't know why, do we think that we may reuse the glass/plate?

3. Mom get lax on the toys-put-away-before-bedtime rule.
Result: Feet poked and shins bruised from the middle of the night run to pray for him when he had a bad dream. Oww!

4. I have to be at the Lab for the glucose test at 7:00 a.m. (I am usually rolling myself out of bed at about 7:45), Jesse has to be to work before I can be back.
Result: Half sleepy Colton and very sleepy mom hanging out in the Lab waiting room with a book and DVD player. Still being dark out, Colton asked "You have to go to the doctors in the middle of the night?!"
Reward: McDonald's for breakfast! Hope of an early naptime!

5. Good friend stopping over late with an overwhelmed heart.
Result: Realization that my "problems" are trivial compared to what others are going through and knowing that God puts people in your life for a purpose.

6. Having a week of cold and snowy days.
Result: Getting creative on how the boys get their energy out. Having a good excuse to stay in our "cozies" and snuggle on the couch in front of a movie!

This is all that I can think of in a half-catatonic state! Happy Groundhog day!