Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hmmm...thursday thoughts

1. I could try and find a pair of sassy shoes online to participate in Sassy Shoe Thursday.
2. Two more weeks until I stop watching kiddos. Kind of sad, kind of relieved.
3. Realizing we only have 10 weeks (or less) until baby Harrison James arrives on the scene. (Yes, I am starting to call him Harrison. I like it, so there!)
4. ONE HOUR Maternity massage on Saturday! (Due to Linda Micheals' scheduling issues they had only booked me for a half hour and didn't realize until the massage lady said
"Well, how do you feel?"
Me- "Oh, (pause), an hour goes by so fast."
Lady- "You were only scheduled for a half hour."
So after getting dressed and me being almost in tears, I took a deep breath and we compromised with a discount on the half hour and then using the gift certificate this weekend for a full massage. I have to say that I am proud that I did not break down. I'm so drama sometimes:) Hee Hee)
FYI: If you ever get a massage, I would recommend to spring for the full hour. Half hour is such a tease!
5. Feeling guilty that I have led Jesse to temptation with his diet. I have tried to keep my snacks healthy (at least when he is around)! But seriously, did he think that I would forgo my daily nibble of chocolate or my crazy craving for Little Athens Gyros. Come on, you can't be on a diet around a pregnant lady!
6. I have to hide my scotch tape from Colton. I am down to my last roll and we have Rescue Heroes with extensive tape bandages!
7. As he was digging in the computer drawer for the tape, he found a generic calculator I think we got from a bank. It has become his cell phone and he will imitate and repeat me when I am on the phone. So if you call and I am giggling, that is why!
8. I am proud to say that besides what we are physically wearing, every article of clothing in our house is clean. (I had a mound of clothes that were categorized as "low priority", which really meant that they should've been taken to the Goodwill last year.) But they are clean and will be boxed and donated... soon.
9. Thinking about all the clutter around me and the remodeling going on in my house. Hmm... I feel some nesting coming on! Just bring it!
10. Colton accidentally knocked over my viney, leafy plant (horticulturist, I am not) that I has traveled with me for 6 years and 4 different homes, and one of the long pieces broke off. You are supposed to stick them in the dirt and they will continue to grow, but it isn't looking very good. I hope it survives.

So for my Sassy shoe friends:
...Matisse Divine
...2 1/4 heel (I can handle that)
...hmm, with baby car seats and sheetrock to purchase, probably not happening. bummer.
Can you tell I am ready for spring!!!

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Katie Glathar said...

You are so cute! Thanks for sharing! Those sandals are adrable. I am ready for spring now too...