Friday, February 02, 2007

Creatures of habit

Ever notice that you do the same things every day or the same thing in the same situation? We also are like this, but what happens when it gets thrown off...

1. Towel hanger on back of bathroom door breaks-
Result: Damp towels get tossed either on dresser (me) or on top of a stack of nicely folded clean towels (Jesse).

2. Dishwasher fails to get unloaded in a timely manner-
Result: Dishes start to immigrate from the sink to the edges until they claim half of the counter. This can happen if the sink is full or empty. I don't know why, do we think that we may reuse the glass/plate?

3. Mom get lax on the toys-put-away-before-bedtime rule.
Result: Feet poked and shins bruised from the middle of the night run to pray for him when he had a bad dream. Oww!

4. I have to be at the Lab for the glucose test at 7:00 a.m. (I am usually rolling myself out of bed at about 7:45), Jesse has to be to work before I can be back.
Result: Half sleepy Colton and very sleepy mom hanging out in the Lab waiting room with a book and DVD player. Still being dark out, Colton asked "You have to go to the doctors in the middle of the night?!"
Reward: McDonald's for breakfast! Hope of an early naptime!

5. Good friend stopping over late with an overwhelmed heart.
Result: Realization that my "problems" are trivial compared to what others are going through and knowing that God puts people in your life for a purpose.

6. Having a week of cold and snowy days.
Result: Getting creative on how the boys get their energy out. Having a good excuse to stay in our "cozies" and snuggle on the couch in front of a movie!

This is all that I can think of in a half-catatonic state! Happy Groundhog day!

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Jackie said...

Oh Boy! You only have 2 more squares to go before baby is born according to your little baby chart at the top of your blog!! YEAH!!!! Pregnancies sure go by quick when its not you carrying the child! Love ya. J