Friday, April 15, 2011

Sweet baby girl

Through calls, email or Facebook, I am sure most of you have heard that our newest addition is a sweet baby girl! Jesse and I are completely shocked, since we really assumed that we would be having another boy. It really has been fun looking at the fun baby girl clothes and we are starting a nice little wardrobe for her!

IF we decide to go with a "C" name, we have narrowed it down to:


Catelyn or Catelin shortened to Cate


Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Happy 9th birthday Colton!

Happy Birthday Colton! We had his party at Bowl America on Saturday and had a turnout of 17 kids!
Colton helping to decorate his cake. He's adding golden flames

to the back of Shadow (from Sonic) motorcycle!

The whole bunch! Birthday Boy!
After he picked up a spare
Best Buds!

Friday, April 01, 2011

April Fool's Part Deux

For my grand finale of April Fool's Day, I made a meatloaf cake with blue mashed potato frosting and ketchup (for writing), "fishsticks" made from melted KitKats covered in crushed frosted flakes and "mashed potatoes and gravy" made from natural vanilla icecream and carmel sauce. We really had fun with this and the kids really liked it. Carson even ate the mashed potato "frosting" which he usually spits out. Go figure, I guess I'll just have to use tons of food coloring if I want him to eat mashed potatoes! Hope you all had a fun day!
"Fish sticks"

"Mashed Potatoes and gravy"

"2 Layer cake"

yaD s'looF lirpA yppaH

So far Colton has woken up with Barbie socks on his feet, Jesse stepped into a shower with rubber cochroaches and Colton has been fooling everyone his package of "rattlesnake eggs". This is what you send for school treats when your child's birthday falls on April 2nd and he gets to bring treats on April Fools Day. Grilled cheese sandwiches (pound cake with orange frosting) and Broccoli Juice (kiwi strawberrry Hawaiian Punch) PS Thanks Jill for helping to put together 24 of them!

Come back later and see what I have planned for dinner! Can't let all of my secrets out!