Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Beware of Chocolate Coins

Sherwood brand Pirate's Gold milk chocolate coins

Please check your children's candy for these Sherwood brand pirate chocolate coins. If you have not heard this story please read it on It is imported from China and is sold in bulk at Costco and also at dollar and bulk stores! "

"It has tested positive for the industrial chemical Melamine, the substance at the center of the tainted-milk controversy in China that has been implicated in the deaths of four infants and the sickening of 54,000 other babies."

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lego land Star Wars weekend!

Colton and a life size Lego Chewbacca

So if the previous post doesn't give away the fact that I am a nerd, I must reveal that I am raising up a couple of over-the-top Star Wars fans. (only one step cooler than Trekkies, ok probably two steps cooler). Of all the weekends, of the entire year, that happen to be, the weekend that we went to Legoland, it happened to be Star Wars weekend. Plus we got another use out of last year's Halloween costumes! Colton was SO jazzed that it was Star Wars weekend! And they really went all out and it was hard not to get caught up in all of the fun!

There were so many people (adults) walking around in FULL Star Wars attire, ready for pictures and they had a couple of different events. (To include a costume contest, which we got in line for, in 80 degree humid weather, with about 100 other kids in the 6-8 age group, along with their 500 family members. Needless to say, after dragging it out and Colton not getting picked for any of the trivia questions, we decided to ditch the mob and try to jump on more rides while the lines were low!)

Another great thing about Legoland, is that most of the rides are interactive. For example, you pedal the cars that you drive, and pull yourself up and down a tall structure using a rope. It's hard to explain, but just trust me. It was more than just sitting on a ride.

So sorry it took a while to add these. I completely forgot my camera, so had to buy a disposable, then carry it around for weeks in my purse, then finally remember to get it developed, so without further ado...
Colton with a Jedi and Clone trooper

Mummy Colton

Colton in between Darth Maul and Jango Fett

Colton and I on a pretty cool ride.

Colton in between Lego C3PO and R2-D2

Colton with Oh-my-gosh-the-real Boba Fett!!!

Christopher not minding that there were only a couple of the rides that he could go on.
He was just happy to get out of the stroller!

Colton with a Tusken Raider

We decided to finish the day with a leisurely boat ride around the park, which traveled around the world (appropriately everything was made of legos!)

Monday, October 20, 2008

I am a Geek

As if I didn't already know this! This test had some painfully annoying ads to skip through at the end, but was kind of fun!

Loser Quiz

You're smart, like a nerd, but you focus your energy primarily on technology: your computer, the latest gadgets, random trivia, movie quotes, every detail of your favorite characters lives, etc. You have some social life (like clubs that focus around your obsessions, with other like-minded Geeks), but you're not exactly popular. Not to worry, though you may get made fun of in high school, those "jocks and popular kids" will be working for you when you're an adult.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Like what I am doing now! :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On snow, the garage, and more bug friends!

So there are seasons in your life, in your year, in your month that are crazy busy or ridiculously slow. Right now we are in a busy season, a good busy though.

So sometimes when you roll out of bed and see the world covered in a thick layer of fluffy white snow, you take advantage of it. You turn off the alarm, you snuggle back into bed and let everyone wake up when their bodies tell them to. You have a reason to stay in the house. It's like the world collectively takes a sigh and says "Oh, I think we'll just stay in, because of the weather, you know."
So that's what we did on Sunday.
Until Colton convinced me we need to make a snowman. So we did. It was fun. And after we rolled, and patted, and formed, til our hands were numb, we sloshed back inside and had a traditional cup of hot cocoa and mini-marshmallows to thaw us from the inside out.

On a different note, we are continuing work on the garage.

This is me, on top of the garage. We started ripping off shingles, but they were so brittle and falling apart, that we skipped a step and took off the roof with the shingles still on.
Do I look nervous? :) (pictures taken by Colton)Oh, I know that you are NOT laughing at me!!! Hey, mister, I am the one on the roof!!!

And finally, another bug friend. I know that the picture doesn't do this enormous wasp any justice (we think it was a queen bee, but don't know how to tell). But this thing was HUGE! I found it on one of the rafters kind of in hibernation mode. We put it in the ziploc tub, and once it was brought in the house and warmed up, it started buzzing around like crazy. I told Colton to put it in the fridge (to see if it would go back into hibernation), but he put it in the freezer. Hmmm. It didn't survive. Which I am very Ok with. And eventhough I tell Colton that it is safer now that it is dead, he is hoping that after a week it might come back to life. Doubtful. He took it to school today and everyone thought it was cool. I told his teacher that they could throw it away when they were done looking at it, but it made it's way back home.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Goodbye Garage!

Phew! How does time fly so quickly sometimes?

Last Tuesday we decided to look at our house and see what needed to be done to it to finally finish it. The biggest project was the garage. So wednesday there was a gas guy (hee hee) out to cap off the gas to the furnace, thursday we had our contractor out to cut off all of the electric and Friday morning a gigantic dumpster was delivered. Oh, and we rented a storage unit for everything that was in the garage!
So now we have everything moved out of the garage, into storage and started demolition. Yikes, what a mess!
Here's Colton swinging the first blow. (Ok Jesse staged it. He really can't hit that hard!)

Oh yeah, with all of the moving and shuffling we came across about 5 of these! Here's a black widow next to a nickel. We saw another one bigger than this, but I didn't want to get the camera before it got squished!