Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On snow, the garage, and more bug friends!

So there are seasons in your life, in your year, in your month that are crazy busy or ridiculously slow. Right now we are in a busy season, a good busy though.

So sometimes when you roll out of bed and see the world covered in a thick layer of fluffy white snow, you take advantage of it. You turn off the alarm, you snuggle back into bed and let everyone wake up when their bodies tell them to. You have a reason to stay in the house. It's like the world collectively takes a sigh and says "Oh, I think we'll just stay in, because of the weather, you know."
So that's what we did on Sunday.
Until Colton convinced me we need to make a snowman. So we did. It was fun. And after we rolled, and patted, and formed, til our hands were numb, we sloshed back inside and had a traditional cup of hot cocoa and mini-marshmallows to thaw us from the inside out.

On a different note, we are continuing work on the garage.

This is me, on top of the garage. We started ripping off shingles, but they were so brittle and falling apart, that we skipped a step and took off the roof with the shingles still on.
Do I look nervous? :) (pictures taken by Colton)Oh, I know that you are NOT laughing at me!!! Hey, mister, I am the one on the roof!!!

And finally, another bug friend. I know that the picture doesn't do this enormous wasp any justice (we think it was a queen bee, but don't know how to tell). But this thing was HUGE! I found it on one of the rafters kind of in hibernation mode. We put it in the ziploc tub, and once it was brought in the house and warmed up, it started buzzing around like crazy. I told Colton to put it in the fridge (to see if it would go back into hibernation), but he put it in the freezer. Hmmm. It didn't survive. Which I am very Ok with. And eventhough I tell Colton that it is safer now that it is dead, he is hoping that after a week it might come back to life. Doubtful. He took it to school today and everyone thought it was cool. I told his teacher that they could throw it away when they were done looking at it, but it made it's way back home.

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Rachel Melone said...

Colton looks so grown up! wow. we need to get together after your done with Vision. You can come see my house and give me tips!!!