Monday, February 28, 2011

February Wrap up

Sorry to all of my devoted fans that have been growing tired of seeing Carson at the top of the page. (as cute as as he may be!) I figured I would never hear the end of it from Connie if I didn't get in a blog about her visit and so I'll do a quick version of all that has gone on this month!

Well. I tried three times and it kept kicking me off of getting any pictures on here. As I type this, I am hoping that it will at least post this! I will get some pics up soon! A quick recap w/out pics:
1. Connie and Blake came for a visit and we had such a fun time! Went up to Medieval Times, ate tons of tasty food, went to a play at the Kennedy Center (sans kids!), downtown to the Smithsonian Mus. Nat. History, ice skating, and lots of hanging out!

2. Super fun Valentines

3. Colton had a production/Concert at school about Egypt. He did a great job saying his line!

4. Two weekends ago went to the NRA National Firearms Museum and had a better time than I had expected! (That was an impromtu trip, so no pics)

5. Colton had International Night at his school and made a big display about Ireland. I made an Irish side dish called Colcannon (think mashed potatoes with chopped and sauteed cabbage, leeks, onion, and bacon. And lots of butter!) It was really tasty and didn't last very long!

6. This past weekend we went downtown to the American History Museum. That was pretty fun. We saw a number of great exhibits from the Wars to Pop culture to a neat interactive science/invention area. We were all worn out!

I'll try within the next couple of days to get the corresponding pictures up! Grrr, electronics sometimes!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Silly Carson

Carson wouldn't settle down to bed the other night, so Connie and I had fun with him talking on the phone. He was being such a goofball! She only got the end of him "talking" on the phone. I love it when I'm singing Twinkle, Twinkle and he rolls his eyes! Here's a quick video: