Monday, September 28, 2009

Quick Update

Hello friends, I just wanted to update real quick. We met Jesse's parents up at Glacier last weekend (so I officially can say that we DID camp this year) and they followed us down to GF to spend the week. It was a lot of fun and just great hanging out. Here are some of the pics (more to come):
We walked that far (the arrow) to see a couple of Big Horn Sheep
very cool... very tiring
Christopher REFUSED to be carried the entire way and back.
He pretty much slept the rest of the day! What a trooper!
Happy Birthday Grandma!

Grandparent presents are the BEST!
Loving on Carson!

Friday, September 11, 2009

3 quick pics

The professional arm-stretch picture of ourselves

Carson in the Bumbo
Smiley guy

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Labor day weekend

It all started with one comment.
Colton has been trying to save up his money (see two blogs previous) for Toa Mata Nui (Bionicle) which is $50. So after having to hand over his "spend" money earned for the week for purchasing something silly, he realized that he needed to do extra chores. At this moment Jesse walked in and said "I'll give you $20 if you pull the weeds out of the front garden. (It was really bad).

Well, one thing led to another and it became a family project of pulling weeds, tilling the ground, driving through "good" neighborhoods to get landscaping ideas, going to HD, spending $150 and then putting it all together in our front yard! Hurray for curb appeal! Though I will miss my tulips this spring, I won't miss the yucky, messy look the other 10 months of the year!

Colton got halfway done and wanted to quit, but we told him that he wouldn't get paid until he finished the job that we "hired" him to do.

Colton: Mom, this is really hard work
Me: It's good to learn hard work, who do you think is going to do this when you have a house of your own?
Colton: My wife!

I couldn't stop laughing at that one! I may have to warn his future bride! :)

PS He earned his $20, put $2 into donate pig (we don't make him put "extra" chores into his saving), and now has $17 left to go!
Tilling the dirt

Putting in the plants
The end result! They should get about 3-5 ft tall and
naturally create a hedge that stays green all year round... no maintenance!
Carson having a blast in the bouncer!
Carson's 2 month shots! owiee :(

Friday, September 04, 2009

My new little sister!

I always wanted a little sister, I got John. We used to call him bug bite because he was so pesky. Well, he grew up, wasn't quite so pesky and decided that I loved him! I love him even more because he gave me my wish for a little sister! She even came with Isaac, our 2 year old nephew! She is a sweet person and fits right in with our family! With all that they have been through this past year, they are starting on a strong foundation. I pray for blessings on their marriage and a prosperous life together!
Love you Christi and John

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Value of money

Time spent making labels: 1/2 hour
Cost of cheap plastic piggy banks: $6
Learning the value of money: priceless

Make your own money:
Teach your kids about money:

Also priceless: Carson's first smiles