Friday, August 31, 2007

WARNING! Corpse Pics


Or as Colton says when he plays Lego StarWars
"Oh yea, who's the man? I'm the man, Oh yea!!!"
I disposed of the creature b/f Colton got home from school, but Sierra was very proud of our work and wanted to "play" with it!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Goin' Huntin'

Yesterday with everything that was going on (Jesse going away for a week for work, Colton's first day of kindergarten, and now this) I didn't have time to stop by Ace to pick up anything for this issue. Actually I was secretly hoping it would disappear on its own, but it never works that way! What is my issue (as if the picture didn't give it away)? A mouse.
Cute? Ooooooh, Noooooo! I think diseased, Hanta virus ridden rodent. I think I have it trapped in our old bedroom upstairs since yesterday. Unfortunately that is where all of my clothes are and (as if this is a shocker to my family) and piles of laundry that have not made it to the laundry room and I refuse to bring into my nice, clean new bedroom. So any time that I want to get dressed I have to go into the dreaded room, like pajamas last night and getting dressed this morning. My dog is not a "mouser" so even when I send her in there before me, she won't save me from the mouse.I saw is this morning and screamed so loud, jumped on said pile of laundry and Colton came running in the room, squealing with delight "Yea, I think you saw the mouse!!!" (huh, what was your first clue? He apparently does not realize how horribly disgusting they are.) And now I see what it (hopefully there's only one) has eating... hmm someone left a protein, superbar in their pant pocket. So not only am I just going after a mouse, but a SuperMouse hopped up on protein.

So this is my defense. I am determined to get this little varmint. Why do I feel this is turning into a weird version of Elmer Fudd vs. Tom and Jerry? Wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Jack is Back!

My surrogate big sister, who moved away, then recently moved a tiny bit closer, is up and blogging again! Miss you girlie and your little girls too!



As if we don't have enough pressure on parents to ensure our babies are properly nourished, developing correctly and are happy, here comes THIS! What are your thoughts?

Since DC

Ok, so I know that it has been a while, but a lot has happened and I'll try to catch you up as much as I can. Just about every other day something happens and I think "oh, this will make a great blog", but I get busy and my thoughts and pictures never make it to the computer! So this is only a portion of what has been going on in our house!

1. We got Colton back a week early
2. celebrated my dad's b-day in Helena (with his new puppy Wilma)
3. painted, carpeted and moved into the basement (finally!)
4. Christopher is rolling to his side, discovered his tongue, and experienced his first food!
5. Colton getting ready for school and his first day of kindergarten today (see additional post)

And here are the pictures that accompany these events!

1. Colton is home!!!!

Who says the bouncer is only for 6 to 18 months!___________________________________
2. At Grandpa's house
Wilma (with her dew claw bandages) was supposed to avoid getting them wet or dirty, but within an hour of us being there, she played in the sand pile and water tank with Colton!
3. Painted, carpeted and moved into basement!
(Before/After pics coming soon!)

Loopy on paint fumes!
No rest for the weary___________________________________

4. Christopher's milestones

"So when mom is about to take a picture, just do this! Ok?"
"Ok, phbbbb

First food- Rice cereal with bananaHe makes this face, just before bursting into a full blown cry!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Christopher's Guide to DC

1. Don't forget to pack for every occasion (i.e. spit up or diaper malfunction)
2. Take in the local fare. Yummy!
3. Make sure you get back to your car in time or risk a hefty ticket.
(We started the day past 7 hours and barely made it back before the time ran out!)4. Humor your parents when they use you for entertainment.
5. Sun protection is a must and fashionable too!
6. See the sights. At the Lincoln memorial with the Reflecting pool and Washington's monument in the background.
7. Don't complain when you have to keep taking pictures with the same thing in the background.8. Rest when you can. Even when your mother drags you to various museums and tourist traps. Though it is obscured by my mom's head, we are in front of the White House.
9. I repeat, rest.10. Finally, when your parents don't listen, don't be afraid to take it all the way to the top dog!

Monday, August 06, 2007


So it's no secret that we are major Simpson fans and so when I found this site, I just had a blast turning us in to the Simpsons!
Try it yourself! Just remember if you export your Simpson add a .jpeg or .png when you save it or you won't be able to open it! Have fun!

PS. We got back from DC this past weekend. Working on getting pics up. Colton is coming home this Saturday!!! We have a ton of work in the basement! Aahh!