Friday, August 10, 2007

Christopher's Guide to DC

1. Don't forget to pack for every occasion (i.e. spit up or diaper malfunction)
2. Take in the local fare. Yummy!
3. Make sure you get back to your car in time or risk a hefty ticket.
(We started the day past 7 hours and barely made it back before the time ran out!)4. Humor your parents when they use you for entertainment.
5. Sun protection is a must and fashionable too!
6. See the sights. At the Lincoln memorial with the Reflecting pool and Washington's monument in the background.
7. Don't complain when you have to keep taking pictures with the same thing in the background.8. Rest when you can. Even when your mother drags you to various museums and tourist traps. Though it is obscured by my mom's head, we are in front of the White House.
9. I repeat, rest.10. Finally, when your parents don't listen, don't be afraid to take it all the way to the top dog!


Jackie said...

bI cannot believe the thighs on that child! STOP EATING CHOCOLATE SPORTNEY! It's not going to your thighs....its going to his!

I love you and miss you! Give both boys a big kiss and Jessie a kick in the keister!

Love ya. J

Amber Joy said...

he is getting so big. He reminds of my Caleb when he smiles. I'll bet they'll be buds. Miss you.

The Pettits said...

Oh! He's adorable and you look fantastic! My son is 1 month younger than yours...Can't believe it's been 4 years since I've seen you- time flies, doesn't it? TTFN~ mandi walker pettit