Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Geesh, how can you say no to that?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our new toy room

A place for everything and everything in it's place.

I didn't know how good it would feel to have a "place" devoted to the kids' toys. Previous to this, we had toys in the bedroom, toys in the office, toys in the living room, and various toys scattered all over the house. We gave up our spare room (sorry to any visitors, you will be sleeping on a mattress in the middle of the toy room!) which was not getting used, but once or twice a year, and moved the office in. And voila! we have a new space. This is the bigger room (upstairs) so the kids have plenty of room to make a mess (and pick it up) and future plans for a set of little table and chairs. All I bought were the two white shelves ($40 Shopko clearance), the posters and frames ($20), paint ($20) and this very cute clock ($8.50 marked down from $40!).

Here's my sad attempt at piecing together 4 shots into a panoramic.
Our walls really aren't that crooked.

Here's the cute airplane clock, that really doesn't "go" with anything,
but I liked it (and the price, too!) The propeller rotates as the "second" hand. Cute!

PS. I also want to point out how much I really like the "Good Guys" poster I found at Walmart. And without getting on my soapbox about societies attempt to de-masculinate (yes, that is my own word) my sons, I will quietly promote their need for guns, swords, honor, chivalry and to feel proud of being a boy (without the need to demean girls). My future daughter-in-laws will thank me.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Proof that he is not my baby anymore!

Just in case you didn't notice the missing tooth, Colton is pointing at it!
He's a little excited about it.

Holding his prize!

And in his own words:

Anyway... he'll always be my baby even when he's an old man. Now I am going to go sit in a corner and read Love you Forever by Robert Munsch.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2nd Annual Crab Dinner

So every year we go to California for Christmas (crab season), our request for crab gets larger and as we share in the bounty of the sea, we also host a quiet little dinner for a few friends. This year along with Jeremy and Laura Beth, and Kris and Rachel, we added Jason and Alisha to the list and had to move the dinner over to Laura Beth's house. The food was delicious, the conversation was hilarious, and the company was spectacular.

This is really the only big event that we host, so I really try to "go all out" and treat our friends to a great night (and it transports me to somewhere other than Great Falls). Enjoy the pics:

Laura Beth and Alisha

Alisha, Jason and Kris getting ready for the feast.
(Rachel hiding behind the camera! No really, thanks so much for taking the pics or I wouldn't have any!)

The table

The Menu:
Appetizers... Crab Stuffed Mushrooms, Crab Salad Hor d'ouerves, Shrimp Cocktail
Salad... Apple, Pecan(I used Almonds), Cranberry, Avocado Spinach Salad
Main... Crab (with butter and homemade buttermilk Ranch dipping sauces)
Baked Scallops, Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus, and Cheddar Bay Biscuits (like RL)
Dessert... Chocolate lava cakes with whipped cream and fresh Raspberries (sorry no pic, we ate them too quickly! but they were really pretty!)

The appetizer plate (minus the shrimp around the top of the glass. opps)
The main dish
(I meant to have wild rice as a side, but the texture just wasn't right, so I didn't serve it... turns out we had plenty of food!)

The busy chefs hard at work! I loved having two separate ovens!
My mom makes this same face!

Thank you J & LB for opening up your home to us and our friends for the great company and letting us pamper you with a scrumptious meal!

Christopher the Climber

While moving the office to the spare room and all of the toys to the new toy room (old office), all of the toys in the living room were too much of a climbing challenge to resist. He was actually standing up on his tip toes reaching into a bin when I caught him.

Here he used a chair to climb up on the desk to have full access to pound on the keyboard. I saw him before he saw me, so I grabbed the camera quick to get the caught-in-the-act look on his face!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Jesse will appreciate this one. We had a "discussion" in the cereal aisle. He wanted me to get the kids Wheaties. I am such a big kid.

Friday, January 09, 2009


I was tagged by Amber two days ago. sorry I'm a slacker.

1. Five names you go by
Snortney (family)

2. Three things you're wearing right now
Ratty old Aeropostale tshirt
Fleece sweats

3. Two things you want very badly right now.
Chocolate... especially B&J Phish Food
A clean house

4. Two things you did last night
Move another twin bed into the boys' room
Watch HouseM.D. Season 3 courtesy of Netflix

5. Two things you ate today
Applebees Oriental Chicken Rollup (lunch w/Jesse)
homemade Chicken and Dumplings!

6. Two people you last talked to on the phone
my bro John

7. Two things you are doing tomorrow
attempt to move our spare bedroom into storage, our office into aforementioned spare room, and ALL toys that we own into previous office space.
Go on Anniversary Date with Jesse (yes, our ann. is Dec 10th)

8. Two longest car rides
From Arcata, CA to here via Boise... thanks crummy Portland weather (one week ago)
The drive home from dropping off Colton at his dad's for a month during the summer

9. Two of your favorite beverages
Dr. Pepper (trying to wean myself for the health of unborn child)
Juice... orange, grape, apple anything these days

10. People you tag
Rachel M

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Basketball and 2 year old behavior

Colton had his first basketball practice last Tuesday and had a great time. We were kind of nervous because he has a really competitive spirit and doesn't take failure very well. I was really impressed with how well he did, considering that he has pretty much never played before.

On another note Christopher has really embraced his soon-to-be-two-year-old status. He has successfully mastered the word "No". So that has been fun...

Micheal Jordan watch out!
He's got mad skills!

It's tough being little and wanting to play with the big kids.
Just wanting to play with the big kids!

Monday, January 05, 2009

To California and back

Here's just a quick post to catch up on our Christmas trip to California:

Christmas Morning

Muyah, muyah... blowing kisses to Elmo

Pretty proud of his pile... "I guess I really was a good boy this year!"

Cookies for Santa, designed by Colton

Plate to put Santa's cookies on.

Happy 2009!

Me and Christopher... and a crab.

Hoping that if he gives them weapons, they will start fighting.
Whhoooo hoooo!
Filling Grandpa in on all that happened while he was at work!

Dat, dat... means crab in Christopher language

Cute little eskimo baby

Trying to get the crabs to fight eachother
Heyyyyyy, heeeeyyyyy... said with a Boston/Finding Nemo accent

Splashing in puddles.