Friday, March 25, 2011

Adventures in parenting boys

So last night as I was giving Carson a bath, I hear Jesse clamoring up from the basement yelling that he needed help. Not wanting to neglect the baby in the tub, I ask what was going on. He said "Call 911, Christopher cut his head on the treadmill."

(sidenote: Jesse, Colton and Christopher were "working out" and Colton had been walking at a brisk pace on the treadmill and pulled out the little key to stop it. Well, Christopher wanted on and stuck the key in, when it started going too fast, he hopped off. Before Jesse could stop him, he hopped back on at the quick pace and his feet flipped up and he fell back, allowing the treadmill to launch him headfirst, back into another piece of workout equipment.)

Back to the story:
I sent Colton up to watch Carson, then called the ambulance as Jesse tried to stop the blood spurting out of the top of Christopher's head. We couldn't tell how back the cut was. The ambulance came promptly and bandaged him up to where we decided that we would just drive him to the ER (it is about 2 miles away). Christopher stayed really calm and perked up even in the Peds ER waiting room when he saw all of the toys. They did a fabulous job with him and there was a lady that came and gave him bubbles and coloring sheets while he snuggled on my lap watching Monsters Inc. They got him good and numbed up and popped a couple of staples in. He was a champ and whether it was the two popsicles he had after the staples, or the numbing of the pain, he was bounding all over the ER as we were trying to discharge. He'll have to go back in 10-14 days to get them removed. So that was our fun adventure last night. I am sure there are bound to be more! (knock on wood)

In the waiting room
Excited about the toys

After the staples were in

Eating his popsicle and waiting for the discharge papers

Monday, March 14, 2011

Corresponding Pictures

Here are the corresponding pictures from the previous post. Only 15 days later... sorry :)

1. Connie and Blake's visit

2. Valentines Day (Christopher picked out this card by himself!)
3. and 5. Colton in his play about Egypt and posing in his Irish shirt for International Night.

6. Trip downtown to the American History Museum.