Monday, August 31, 2009

I miss you mom.
Mom and Bob, April 2009

Christopher and Grandma sharing a juice! Cheers!Grandma with her 8th grandbaby (Carson)

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Heart broken

I have started this blog so many times and erased it trying to find the right way to start all that I have to say. So I will just start it.

We (me and the three boys) drove down to Iowa last Thursday to get a good visit with my mom and family and to support my little brother when he gets married on the 21st! We spent the last week with my mom and stepdad helping (sometimes getting in the way!) preparing juices, helping with clay packs and trying to keep the house clean! So on Wednesday I took my two nieces and the boys and drove down to KC to visit my sister Connie (and fam), go to Worlds of Fun & Oceans of Fun, get some school haircuts and shopping done and then have Colton in Omaha on Monday night to visit his dad in central Kansas for a week.

Well on Thursday, we got a call from my stepdad and sister Carrie saying that my mom was acting strangely, slurring her words and not being able to keep food down. Friday morning it only got worse and her dr. said that he wanted a brain scan immediately. The results showed that one of the tumors was causing bleeding on her brain and needed to be removed and drainage for the bleeding. We threw all of our stuff in the car and drove like crazy (my 7yo niece was carsick the entire 5 hours) back to Iowa, hoping and praying that we would get to see her one more time.

Arrangements were made on the road for the kids and my 15yo niece, Carson and I made it up to the hospital in time to join my family to hear the neurosurgeon say that the operation went well and that he hopes that she will make it to the wedding. She is doing well and has even been cracking jokes about the "hole in her head". She still has limited function with her left side, but that may get better now that the pressure is off of her brain.

(Funny story: while Connie, John and I (along with our familys) were racing to get back to SC, my oldest sister Carrie would call Connie, Connie would call me and I would call John and so the chain of command would go. Well, my mom kept asking to "talk to John", so John gets up to the hospital "what did she want to say to me" and everyone gave him a puzzled look, then laughed realizing that she had been saying that she wanted some "Taco Johns" and the message got lost in the chain of calls!)

Right now I am in one of the hospital "quiet rooms" that we have claimed for our family. Connie and I stayed here last night, so I am just waiting here with Carson until she comes back down with news after the dr makes his rounds.