Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 23- Colton completes the picture

After a weather delay, Colton spent the night in DC and got here on Thursday the 28th. For the last week, Christopher had been asking "where's Colton" or "Colton coming?", finally I got to tell him- "Today!"

Somewhere under the spiderman and vehicle stickers it says Welcome to Vermont. He loved making it for Colton and was so proud to show him!

Watching Colton arrive
You can see it on their faces!
Rub a dub dub

Day 20- Sushi or not Sushi, that is the question.


Not Sushi
but rice is good!
or baby food!

Monday, January 25, 2010

It all started with the boots

It all started with Spiderman boots. Handed down from Colton, through cousins Evan and Blake, to Christopher. Which he loves. And has been known to sleep in.
...which lead to an excited find in our recent box of hand-me-downs...
...which lead to jammies we found at our favorite (pre-owned) store...
...and a $5 Spidey rug (used to put Carson on and
cover an outlet in the middle of the floor)...
...which lead to us getting a Batman game for his Leapster...
...and, finally, lead to his Fuh-huh-havorite jammies (also found at OUAC),
that he is SO proud to be wearing. (he is very humble and rarely shows pride,
but his little smile can't hide it!)
and it has a cape!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 18- Stowe Winter Carnival

Today we went to Stowe Mountain Winter Carnival, about a half an hour drive from us. They had events throughout the week and today was the 10th Annual Ice Carving Competition. It was Christopher's first time to a ski mountain and ride in a gondola. He actually broke out in tears when we had to stop him from heading towards all of the skiers and heading up the chair lift to the top of the mountain.

It was really cool to see them cutting into the huge blocks of ice with everything from chain saws to hot irons. We also went to the Kids Carnival at the local elementary school and Christopher had a great time winning prizes at each booth!

Though we didn't get to see the winning sculptures, there were ice sculptures all around town that we got to enjoy.

We are really excited for Colton to come here this Wednesday and join us on all of our adventures!

Christopher's first ride in a gondola.
Watching the artist at work.
One of the sculptures in the town.
Jesse standing next to the sculpture (to give you the idea of how big it is)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 13- Mon 1/18

Welcome to our home. Here's the 10 cent tour of our abode for the next couple months.

Here's Christopher warming up by the fire.

Ok, so standing at the front door and moving from left to right, you can see the fireplace, tv, computer (ours from Montana and the desk from the upstairs bedroom). Then the double doors into the "master bedroom" where Jesse was sleeping so you don't get to see. Off set a little to the right you go straight up the stairs, then around to the refridgerator, sink and stove. You can see a bit of the table.

At the top of the stairs, you look left there is the bed.
(Note the headboard on the left where the bed is usually up against the half-wall.
Uh, we had to rearrange.)
And to the right is the mirror, sink and 2nd bathroom.

And here is the view from the top (why we moved the upstairs bed away from the wall) and you can see the kitchen and table(with Carson having a little snack).

Thanks for joining us! We feel so blessed to have such great accommodations, especially to have the only room available with a fully enclosed room for Jesse to sleep during the day (since on night shift).

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 17- Sat, 1/16

Nothing ruins a good Saturday like getting your appendix cut out!

So Jesse went off to work at 10:00 last night with a bit of a stomach ache, so he took a couple of Tums and off he went. He came back this morning at 6:00 and still had a pretty bad stomach ache, but it was a little more sharp and slightly unbearable. So after a little research we found a clinic that is open on Saturdays and just hoped that our insurance would cover it. Driving around for a half an hour, not being able to find the clinic, we said forget it, just go to the ER and we'll figure it out later!

So I drop Jesse off at the ER and took the littles to Dunkin Doughnuts (they are everywhere here!), since I figured he'd only be about an hour or so. He called me and said that they think it might be an appendicitis, but they are going to do a CT scan just to be sure it's not something else. All signs pointed to appendix and it was confirmed afterward. So long story, short, Jesse got his appendix removed. He is in the hospital tonight and they plan on releasing him tomorrow morning. It's been a LONG day with the two little ones, but they actually did really well!

Does this convey how happy Jesse is that he is there,
and that I am taking a picture of it? :)

Since they don't schedule operations on Saturdays,
we had the entire OR waiting room to ourselves...

...which I used to my advantage and had Christopher
do laps around the sections of chairs.
It was about 10 hours at the hospital at this point.
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Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 9- Thurs, 1/14

Since last week Christopher has been asking to go skating again. This time Daddy and Carson joined us. Jesse is happy to announce that he didn't fall once, although he did have to abandon the refuge of the wall when Christopher fell and Jesse had to go to the middle of the ice to rescue him!

Christopher was a little more adventurous and found himself on the
ice a few more times, but still had a great time!

Jesse heading back to the wall
Carson had a great time!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Suite life Day 7

Ben & Jerry's Factory tour

Apple Cider Mill tour

(taken by Christopher)

Suite life Day 6 continued

Christopher says "oh, Cuuuute"!

I say, "Mmmmm, dinner!"

Monday, January 11, 2010

Suite life Day 6

Someone likes to chew on his toes

Someone else is learning to (un)dress himself
Today Christopher and I went to the Burlington ice arena and did a little ice skating.
I had never seen them teach kids using 2 milk crates glued together. It was ingenious!
They balanced so well and Christopher was cruising all around the ice by himself.
He loved it and was so proud!

Tonight Jesse and I are staying in and picking up a few lobsters for dinner! We just got a few new movies from Netflix that we'll watch and hang out in our cozies.