Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 17- Sat, 1/16

Nothing ruins a good Saturday like getting your appendix cut out!

So Jesse went off to work at 10:00 last night with a bit of a stomach ache, so he took a couple of Tums and off he went. He came back this morning at 6:00 and still had a pretty bad stomach ache, but it was a little more sharp and slightly unbearable. So after a little research we found a clinic that is open on Saturdays and just hoped that our insurance would cover it. Driving around for a half an hour, not being able to find the clinic, we said forget it, just go to the ER and we'll figure it out later!

So I drop Jesse off at the ER and took the littles to Dunkin Doughnuts (they are everywhere here!), since I figured he'd only be about an hour or so. He called me and said that they think it might be an appendicitis, but they are going to do a CT scan just to be sure it's not something else. All signs pointed to appendix and it was confirmed afterward. So long story, short, Jesse got his appendix removed. He is in the hospital tonight and they plan on releasing him tomorrow morning. It's been a LONG day with the two little ones, but they actually did really well!

Does this convey how happy Jesse is that he is there,
and that I am taking a picture of it? :)

Since they don't schedule operations on Saturdays,
we had the entire OR waiting room to ourselves...

...which I used to my advantage and had Christopher
do laps around the sections of chairs.
It was about 10 hours at the hospital at this point.
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Jackie said...

You are definitely on an adventure aren't you??? Tell Jesse that we are thinking of him! I love the picture of him in the hospital bed! It looks like he is floating on cloud nine!!

Anonymous said...

That second pic of Jesse looks like he is already half under the influence of anesthesia meds! Ha! Glad to hear everything went well and that pesky appendix is out! Take care Jesse! :) Connie

Rachel Melone said...

Wow! God bless you! Tell Jesse we are praying for him (although with the way he looks in the picture he seems to be doing alright without it! haha). You're life is always a grand adventure!

Dani said...

Sorry to hear about a bummer Saturday but really glad that Jesse is okay!