Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 18- Stowe Winter Carnival

Today we went to Stowe Mountain Winter Carnival, about a half an hour drive from us. They had events throughout the week and today was the 10th Annual Ice Carving Competition. It was Christopher's first time to a ski mountain and ride in a gondola. He actually broke out in tears when we had to stop him from heading towards all of the skiers and heading up the chair lift to the top of the mountain.

It was really cool to see them cutting into the huge blocks of ice with everything from chain saws to hot irons. We also went to the Kids Carnival at the local elementary school and Christopher had a great time winning prizes at each booth!

Though we didn't get to see the winning sculptures, there were ice sculptures all around town that we got to enjoy.

We are really excited for Colton to come here this Wednesday and join us on all of our adventures!

Christopher's first ride in a gondola.
Watching the artist at work.
One of the sculptures in the town.
Jesse standing next to the sculpture (to give you the idea of how big it is)

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