Saturday, January 09, 2010

Suite Life Day 4

So I am not ready to give you a tour of the place, gotta get settled in! But just a quick note and a few pics.

I am still trying to make this feel home-y so had to stop and get a new shower curtain liner (cause ewww, gross), a set of screwdrivers (to replace toy batteries), kids bowls and cups, a little Dirt Devil vac, an internet wifi receiver (duh), and other various random things that you take for granted when you are at home. Jesse doesn't get all of the things (and some that fell into the random category), but he gives me the sideways glance and understands that my little bit of "nesting" will make life easier for all of us! :) Thanks, babe, for not fussing too much!

Wherever we go Christopher keeps asking "Where goin, mom?"
Me: back to the hotel
CJ:oh, yea, the home-tel

It's too cute to correct him, and he's kind of right! :)

The kids sitting at the table
Carson is very proud to be included in dinnertime!
He's been eating Baby Mum-mums (flattened rice cakes)
Little blue eyes
Carson can't help but reach out and touch Christopher's stuff.
But there are 3 other places to sit and Christopher chooses to sit next to Carson, so...

So Christopher has been pushing Carson out of "his space" and
I just let them figure it out. It's a sibling-territory thing, I understand.
(As long as it doesn't get too rough!)


Susie said...

Home- tel. TOo cute! Glad you made the trek safely, Cortney- enjoy your stay on the East Coast!

Mandi! said...

Wow! You 'moved' to Vermont! Details, please! (how long? where?) I am so glad you're with your honey again =]

Mandi! said...

Oh! And loving the 'home-tel' thing- so cute! I can't believe how much they've both grown already!

Carrie said...

The last pic of Christopher and Carson's faces is a keeper - makes me laugh!!! Keep the Suite Life blog going - love to read about your travels (living my life vicariously through you right now) - HA!

jenn n' steve said...

Wow Vermont, thats crazy! We left VT and you moved to VT? Where at?