Sunday, June 28, 2009

Candid pics & the shirts

So you can't take this many pictures of an event and not have some funny ones come up. So for my amusement (and hopefully yours too), I thought I would share. Oh, and there were a few comments about the shirts that I "made" so I added those! Enjoy :)

What!?! It's coming home with us?

Jesse's bed (not funny, kinda sad)
Cheetos, what cheetos?!

Baby checklist:
ten toes, check... ten fingers, check...
one brain, check!

Ahhh, elbow room!

Drugs are fun!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pictures of Carson

So here is a quick post (with pictures, hooray!). Connie took Colton and Evan down to my dad's house, so we could have a quiet weekend with the two little ones. Around here we have been "sleeping like our baby", meaning up every 2-3 hours and not very deep sleep. :) and since Connie already posted Carson's stats, this will be more of the story in pictures!

Arriving Thursday morning to be induced!
Hooray for anesthesia! We're ready for you!
5:10 pm Carson Robert arrives into the world!
Instant love
Happy dad!
in awe!
Proud Auntie!
Clean up and a check up
All scrubbed up!
Hmm... not quite sure about baby, but I'm not leaving mommy!
He's already hooked!
My three sons...
(you knew it eventually had to be said!)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Welcome Carson Robert!!

This is Connie...

We welcomed Baby Carson today at 5:10 pm!! He weighed 8 pounds 8 ounces and was 21 inches long!! He is absolutely beautiful...Cortney did such a wonderful job during labor (especially after the epidural was working!) We only had my camera and I left it at the hospital so she could take pics tonight, so I do not have any pics to show you! Sorry! They should both come home tomorrow evening, so I would imagine she will post pics soon!! They are both doing great and Jesse is so proud!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Eviction notice has been issued

After going in last night with contractions 2-4 minutes apart for over a couple hours, then being sent home (walking the hall of shame) because I was still only at 1 to 1 1/2 cm and not progressing, my CNM decided that it was time to get this little guy out!!!

We go in tomorrow at 8:00 am to induce labor (Angels singing in the background)!!! Hopefully we will have him in our arms by dinner tomorrow night!

Connie may try to post a blog (pictures will be a bonus) if she gets a chance (and is adventurous enough to give it a try after my 5 minute Blogging 101 session).
Otherwise check out my Facebook account or the Benefis hospital pics.

Pic: (Oh my gosh I am HUGE! 39 weeks- this is the "most pregnant" I have ever been and I feel like he is bigger than Colton and Christopher)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

39 weeks

Still no baby.








still no baby.

trying to have a happy heart.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Double Birthday!

CANNOT WAIT to wish my two favorite birthday people
a happy 32nd and 4th birthday! TODAY... IN PERSON!!!! HooRay!!!

Bathrooms and Big Brothers

FYI: Still pregnant. Ready to NOT be. :)

While the title can mean many things to include a quick story about my nephews from Connie's Facebook:
Blake just said "mom i wanna take a bath" I look over to see Blake all wet (thinking the boys are turning on the water in the tub.) I come around the corner&see Evan naked standing on the stairs. Blake says "Im all yucky-i need a bath!" Brent does the sniff test and confirms it is in fact urine all over Blake! Seriously!! Evan is in time out and Blake is in the shower!! :)

But for us means Colton and Christopher graduating from "Big Brother Camp" at the hospital and pics of our remodeled basement bathroom.

Reading a story around the "campfire".
Changing a diaper
Clean baby!
Christopher didn't care that his baby needed a new diaper.
Right after this he kicked the baby and walked off.
Hoping that isn't the case with little brother!
They taught them all about the buttons on the bed. Why?!
Christopher was, of course, mesmerized.
They brought out a real baby and Christopher was pretty excited!
There is hope!
It's official!

And here are some before and after pictures of the basement bathroom. We've been waiting for this for over two years!!! It still needs some pizazz over the toilet, but I want to find just the right "thing". The walls are a crisp white and the rugs and towels are a Pesto-y teal and Chocolate-y Brown (not black as the pics might indicate). We love it!

Before and After:

I love this little bench I found at Ross!
It fits perfectly in this longish hallway-like bathroom.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

38 Weeks

Today is 38 weeks and my new summer "do". I had to get the hair off of the back of my neck!

See what I mean about the maternity clothes not quite fitting. This poor shirt is pulled to the max! :)

Thanks to Jesse who begrudgingly took these photos. (I have been a little crabby... uh, demanding... er, somewhat of a perfectionist, in the past [he has cut off the top of my head before] so I am very appreciative of his efforts this time for fear that I may lose my photographer.

Here are a few more that I played with *insert-photo shopped stretch marks* and proof that I am not smuggling a basketball under my shirt! Hee hee (sorry it has been a long day and I am a little zoo-ey) :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

"BOOM BOOM" has become one of our "nightly" stories. As in, every naptime, daytime and bedtime stories as requested by Christopher. We thought we would show the kids what's up with coconuts.

Christopher just wanted to read the story again.

Getting the "milk" out of the coconut

We weren't very impressed with the "milk", but who knows how long it's been in the grocery store.

Cracking open the coconut

Christopher wanted nothing to do with eating the inside.

...and the sun goes down on the coconut tree.