Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pictures of Carson

So here is a quick post (with pictures, hooray!). Connie took Colton and Evan down to my dad's house, so we could have a quiet weekend with the two little ones. Around here we have been "sleeping like our baby", meaning up every 2-3 hours and not very deep sleep. :) and since Connie already posted Carson's stats, this will be more of the story in pictures!

Arriving Thursday morning to be induced!
Hooray for anesthesia! We're ready for you!
5:10 pm Carson Robert arrives into the world!
Instant love
Happy dad!
in awe!
Proud Auntie!
Clean up and a check up
All scrubbed up!
Hmm... not quite sure about baby, but I'm not leaving mommy!
He's already hooked!
My three sons...
(you knew it eventually had to be said!)


Jackie said...

I love the shirts the boys had on!!! I almost started crying when I saw the picture with you and looked like you were crying! I am so stinkin cheesy!

Rachel Melone said...

You look great and he is such a cutie!!! Call me if you need ANYTHING. Especially if you just want to cry for no reason (well, that's what I did all the time at least...). Love you!

Katie Glathar said...

YEA! Congrats! I was crying when I saw the pictures. Its so emotional. I love the shirts too!!! Jackie you are not alone :) Love you, Cortney!

amber said...

Congratulations! he is precious. and I love the shirts