Tuesday, June 09, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1) Today we are 37 weeks.

2) Jesse swears that we won't make it... to this weekend.
(though he has been saying that for the last week)

3) I turn 30 on Sunday. (We had planned to go to Vegas, but I won't hold it against the little guy)

4) My sister Connie and nephew Evan get here on Friday June 19th (both of their b-days).

5) Maternity clothes are beginning NOT to fit.

6) Our house is messy and I don't have the energy, nor the desire to fix that.

7) Looking at this picture I realize that green may not be a "good color" for me. I'll blame it on the exposure.

8) Man, that is a huge belly!!! You don't realize it when it is attached to you!

9) I have a Dr. Pepper and Fruity Pebble addiction. (not at the same time) I have had to hide the box of Fruity Pebbles from Colton. There is just nothing like a big ole bowl of cereal before bed.

10) After reading Katie's story about giving birth to Bethany (last friday), IN HER CAR, I am getting nervous. Not that it will happen to me (we only live 10 minutes from the hospital), but just realizing that I will be giving birth soon. How did it sneak up so fast!!!

11) We still don't have a "concrete" name for this child. If we go with a "C", then the front runners are Carson, Carter or Connor. If we don't then our top picks are Joseph, Benjamin, Joshua... really none of these stand out. Any suggestions?


Rhianna said...

Wow! I didn't realize we're so close in age. I'll be turning 30 in November. Too bad about Vegas but there's always time for an unbirthday celebration later on. ;)

Picking a name is such a challenge! Arik has been going on and on about how he wishes we had named him Luke (Sky Walker) since we started talking about how to pick a baby name. hehe Hopefully in a couple of years he will forgive us and realize why we did NOT. I'm a bit partial to less common names myself and Connor is really popular right now. I actually kind of like Carson since it's not one I've seen much.

I've always been a fan of etymology though so a name has to have an interesting meaning to it. I was the girl carrying around a baby names book in high school just for the purpose of naming characters in my creative writing. ha! Have you tried http://www.behindthename.com/ yet?

amber said...

oh, I feel ya! hooray, it will be soon! you'll do awesome!

Connie said...

Tell Jesse to stop swearing!! ha! You need to make it to June 19th anytime after my flight gets in (1pm) and dear Lord girl you are huge...that belly I mean...of course you look beautiful!! Chemicals and all...fruity pebbles are awesome! During my entire pregnancy-I had a bowl of cereal before bed! My vote is Carson!! I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU!! Dont have that baby yet!! :) Love ya~Connie!

K said...

Hang in there...that baby will be here so soon! We will certainly be praying! I love all the names you have picked out--Joshua isn't one that I have heard lately--I like that one! I will be anxious to see pictures--you make such cute little boys :)

Brent :) said...

Seen your feet lately? Tell your hubby to find them and rub 'em.

Rachel Melone said...

wow. Your belly is huge but you look amazing! the rest of you look the same! How is this possible??? My entire body gets huge. I'm envious!!!
Great to hear that your sister will be coming! How fun.
Have you though of Caleb?? I loved that name but had a cat named Caleb so I couldn't use it. :( Let me know if you need anything!

Dani said...

How about Sophie! Maybe you will want to use that for your child instead of my car, it is your third after all. No, I'm just kidding, I like all of them that you chose, however, on benefit of your previous kids you may want to go away from the c's. That way when you are "correcting" them it won't be quite so confusing.

Katie Glathar said...

I have to agree with Rachel. How do you look so amazing and only have a bump out front. You won't have the baby in the car. I am praying for you! YOU CAN DO IT! Love ya!