Friday, June 19, 2009

Bathrooms and Big Brothers

FYI: Still pregnant. Ready to NOT be. :)

While the title can mean many things to include a quick story about my nephews from Connie's Facebook:
Blake just said "mom i wanna take a bath" I look over to see Blake all wet (thinking the boys are turning on the water in the tub.) I come around the corner&see Evan naked standing on the stairs. Blake says "Im all yucky-i need a bath!" Brent does the sniff test and confirms it is in fact urine all over Blake! Seriously!! Evan is in time out and Blake is in the shower!! :)

But for us means Colton and Christopher graduating from "Big Brother Camp" at the hospital and pics of our remodeled basement bathroom.

Reading a story around the "campfire".
Changing a diaper
Clean baby!
Christopher didn't care that his baby needed a new diaper.
Right after this he kicked the baby and walked off.
Hoping that isn't the case with little brother!
They taught them all about the buttons on the bed. Why?!
Christopher was, of course, mesmerized.
They brought out a real baby and Christopher was pretty excited!
There is hope!
It's official!

And here are some before and after pictures of the basement bathroom. We've been waiting for this for over two years!!! It still needs some pizazz over the toilet, but I want to find just the right "thing". The walls are a crisp white and the rugs and towels are a Pesto-y teal and Chocolate-y Brown (not black as the pics might indicate). We love it!

Before and After:

I love this little bench I found at Ross!
It fits perfectly in this longish hallway-like bathroom.


Katie Glathar said...

YEA! Thanks for taking the time for pictures and sharing. I feel a part of your life. Love you! Miss you. How fun that you did the class with the boys. There is hope. Christopher will do well with the newborn. Love the bathroom!!!

Rachel Melone said...

This is so weird, but my neighbor who we just met/hung out with last weekend is in your picture! Her name is Casey, she is due in August? Not sure if you met her or not, but it was weird to all of the sudden see her in your pictures! haha
Love the bathroom! It looks great!!! I think the vanity looks wonderful also. :)
I saw you called me last week. I texted you but don't think you got it, we went to Spokane and were out of town. Now that I've written a book on your blog I think I'll stop. Can't wait to meet your baby!!! Exciting!

Breanna said...

LOVE that rug!! Where did you get it? I love being able to see what everyone is up to! So hard to stay in touch...especially over the summer! Hope your family of 5 is doing great though!