Friday, September 22, 2006

Flashback Friday- Sisters

For happy times shared through the years,
for the loyalty, love, the laughter and tears.
For the special things only you can do,
for all these things, I thank you!

Time and space may separate us,
but heartstrings know no end.
I'm proud to call you my sister, happier still to call you my friend.
Author Unknown
Picture: Me, Connie & Carrie 1999

Monday, September 18, 2006

Losing our Cool!

So we are doing great. Why is my title "losing our cool", you ask? Well we have to monitor our computer use due to the fact that our fan that cools the computer (um, very important), has broken and if you are anything like us, you know that half of my day revolves around the computer; blogging, email, printing out preschool papers or just connecting with the outside world!

We looked at laptops this weekend. Ugh! I really don't care how much Gig my harddrive has or this one has this much more Ram than the other one! I just want something I can plop myself in front of and have it do what I want it to! Jesse has concerns if he will be able to finally get World of Warcraft (another thing I can see both of us getting addicted to!). Part of me feels guilty that we have become so dependent on our computer! Besides, I really don't want to continue putting off our remodeling projects for goofy stuff that keeps breaking down! Our goal is to have the basement done before next April (baby due), which is very ambitious since it would include digging two egress windows and a lot of sheet rock! Anyway, I must monitor my computer use and start backing up all of my preschool and pictures!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Jelly Belly Bliss

So normally we don't get Jelly Belly beans, but we were at Shopko last night (yes, that is what we do with our Friday nights) and there was a small display of Jelly Bellys. Colton being unusually cooperative at 9:00 while Jesse and I were browsing random things, I thought he earned a little treat. It took me back quite a ways since I have had some Jelly Bellys and the excrutiating decisions of colors, flavors and the exact combinations that will delight the senses. While checking out their website for a pic to add to my blog, I found out that they were the favorite candy of Ronald Reagan (and were a staple in the Oval Office and Air Force One), he had even inspired Blueberry flavor so he could have red, white and blue at his inaugural party! Funny! They were the first jellybeans in space in 1983 when they were a presidential surprise for the the spaceshuttle Challenger and 1st female in space, Sally Ride! Just a little fun weekend info for you! Yummy!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Check, Check, 1,2,3

Sorry I don't know if anybody else is having problems viewing my blog, but I am. So this is a test to see what's up with my blog.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Naps are God's gift to Moms (and Dads)

I truly believe that naptime is a gift from God. He has instilled in our children the need for rest halfway through the day and I believe that this is the reason many parents don't go insane! I love my child and my daycare kids but it is so nice to be able to have a little time for me to clean (ha!), blog, do devotionals, paint toenails, nap!, etc. God in his infinite wisdom said "Here, you tired, weary-laden parent, this is my gift to you; naptime! This is totally my opinion and if your child doesn't take naps, that is absolutely your decision and that's cool. But I will make them lay down for 2 hours everyday until they go to kindergarten! I am blessed with a child that desperately NEEDS naps or he just gets absolutely irrational at about 6:00. It is a time for refreshing for both of us and it makes me a better mom! Welp, that's really all I wanted to say, selfish little me and my coveted naptime!!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Prayers go up, Blessings come down

As many of you know we've been trying to expand our family and we've had an answer to our prayers. God has blessed us with a baby! It's still pretty early and we have our first appointment on the 19th. We should be able to hear the heartbeat, so about 10-12 weeks along. We're praying that everything goes well and the baby will be safe. I know it's not good luck to announce anything too early, but this is what's going on in our lives and I wanted to share the good news!

In the meantime we are still battling the flu bug, but on Saturday afternoon we got a little cabin fever and cured it with a game of mini-golf. It was a really fun time and was really nice to get out of the stuffy house! We didn't keep score and but we celebrated with a piece of laffy taffy!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Where'd the week go?

So sorry to all of you blog ladies! I have no idea where an entire week went! Within this past week each of my daycare kids have thrown up (thankfully at their own homes! *guilty grin*) Except that our family is exhibiting the same signs as them (Jesse took two sick days), so I have a sneaking feeling that this weekend is going to be filled with videos, blankets and barf buckets! (is that too much info?). Anyway, just wanted to apologize for the slacker that I have been!

In the meantime, here is a picture of me and Colton almost exactly 3 years ago! This was our little family picture taken for Christmas cards (which reminds me it's that time again for Christmas card pictures!) Eventhough we were going through a rough spot, God was watching over and taking care of us!