Saturday, September 16, 2006

Jelly Belly Bliss

So normally we don't get Jelly Belly beans, but we were at Shopko last night (yes, that is what we do with our Friday nights) and there was a small display of Jelly Bellys. Colton being unusually cooperative at 9:00 while Jesse and I were browsing random things, I thought he earned a little treat. It took me back quite a ways since I have had some Jelly Bellys and the excrutiating decisions of colors, flavors and the exact combinations that will delight the senses. While checking out their website for a pic to add to my blog, I found out that they were the favorite candy of Ronald Reagan (and were a staple in the Oval Office and Air Force One), he had even inspired Blueberry flavor so he could have red, white and blue at his inaugural party! Funny! They were the first jellybeans in space in 1983 when they were a presidential surprise for the the spaceshuttle Challenger and 1st female in space, Sally Ride! Just a little fun weekend info for you! Yummy!

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The Melones said...

sounds like we should have joined teams... Caed and I walked around the mall for an hour! haha. (Kris didn't come home last night, but should be here tonight. I hope one day we're in big, lovely cities where we can revisit the days that we walked around shopping centers for Friday night fun. haha.
(No offense to anyone who likes to do that for fun!)