Friday, September 22, 2006

Flashback Friday- Sisters

For happy times shared through the years,
for the loyalty, love, the laughter and tears.
For the special things only you can do,
for all these things, I thank you!

Time and space may separate us,
but heartstrings know no end.
I'm proud to call you my sister, happier still to call you my friend.
Author Unknown
Picture: Me, Connie & Carrie 1999


The Melones said...

You guys are so pretty and you all each resemble each other in some way. (Kris and his brother look NOTHING alike is why I say that.) Thank you for your encouraging comment, I REALLY appreciate that and it came at just the right time! Oh, I just remember I never called you back from Wed.! I am so sorry, my phone was acting crazy and wouldn't let me dial out for a bit. Now we are back to normal though- Kris and I are going to go to the dinner tonight now. It looks like he should be here and we won't be leaving until Sunday anyways. We'll see you there!

The Melones said...

Hey I got your message! I am in Wyoming this week, or I would love to go with you! Thanks for always inviting me everywhere, I love it! You are such a great friend. We will have to invite you guys over when we get home this weekend.
Love ya!

amber joy said...

you 2 are hilarious. you are actually chatting on your blogs. Cortney, you & your sisses are all just so lovely. makes me anxious to see mine.