Monday, October 02, 2006

Saturday 80's flashback

Ok, so Jesse and I already know that we are dorks and we revel in the fact that we liked the 80's. Saturday night we got caught watching an 80's show on VH1 and it hooked us until almost 2:00 am. Why... I have no idea! But it was fun reminicsing (sp?) about the crazy music things we remember, and what we were doing at that time- he's 6 years older so his 80's experience was vastly different than mine! While he was rocking out to VanHalen and DefLeppard, I was watching Punky Brewster, having contests to see who could keep the beat to "We will rock you", and memorizing all the words to Bangles songs!!! Good Times!!! We both engaged in some form of horrid hairstyle and played Atari and computer games (we've actually been keeping our eyes open for an original version of Oregon Trail and Kings Quest-Ha!) I'm sure you all have great 80's memories and it is fun to go back to when life seemed a lot simpler. I just dread what Colton's teenage years will be like...Ugh


amber joy said...

I totally missed the 80's because my parents sheltered us. I really can't appreciate them, well, I con't appreciate them at all. except with a little unknowing smirk :s but, I still love YOU!

Angela said...

Oh, how funny! Nate saw that show and TiVo'd ALL the episodes! We're probably going to watch 1988 tonight... after slaving away with our laminate wood flooring all day. =^) Those shows just hook you right in. I was a Punky Brewster fan, too!!!

Dani said...

Punky Brewster and Pippi Longstocking baby! Oh, yeah, the 80s were the best, Pac Man, Q'bert, Space Invaders, and Classic Concentration. And let's not forget Whammy! All the best and clean to boot! Can't get that any more :(