Sunday, October 29, 2006

Flashback- Halloween 1981

Sorry I missed the memo on the flashback, but here you go. (Jesse kept stealing my keyboard to use with his work laptop to work on reports at home- seriously, I think we have our priorites crossed! hee hee) Anyway this is my sisters and I Halloween 1981. I guess we were dolls or Raggedy Ann something or other... either way I guess people gave us candy so I don't think we cared.

Am I the only one that feels like costumes just aren't original like they were when we were little. Your choice was to wear a vinyl suit that was barely hanging on by the end of the night, with a plastic mask that had tiny slits for eyes and was extremely suffocating while running door to door! Or you could try and come up with your own costume (which I prefered, or my mom preferred because she wasn't going to waste money on junk! I've said that to Colton before-scary) and had to get really creative! Well here's to a safe and fun Halloween!


Susie said...

Boo! Happy Halloween, cutie. Hope you're feeling good :)

Dani said...

My favorite was Pippi Longstocking, I just don't have a picture of it. Mom always used metal hangers so my hair would stick out to the side and then lip liner for the freckles...te he.

Cortney said...

Wasn't everyone pippi longstocking at least once?!

Tawnya said...

oh yes I remember the costumes for the 80's... wow how things do change..

hope you have a fun day!