Friday, October 20, 2006

Ashlee and Kacie's Baptism

Wondering why you haven't heard from me for a while? Well, Colton and I took an impromptu trip to the Midwest for my sister's Harvest Party and both of my nieces were baptized in their church! After a little coercing (Colton chasing Kacie around the back of the church) Kacie dipped her finger in the water and touched her forehead! Then Colton said, "But I thought I was gonna be baptized too." So the pastor "baptized" him also! (We plan on having him get a full water baptism when he really knows the impact of his decision-according to our beliefs) It was pretty crazy and cute! Never know what 4 year olds are going to do!!!


amber joy said...

good to know that you hadn't disappeared completely

The Melones said...

How cute. I love how Colton took his teddy up there with him. Adorable! Do you want to hang out Thursday by chance? Marshall and Nina are here until Thursday morning. I'll call you.