Tuesday, June 16, 2009

38 Weeks

Today is 38 weeks and my new summer "do". I had to get the hair off of the back of my neck!

See what I mean about the maternity clothes not quite fitting. This poor shirt is pulled to the max! :)

Thanks to Jesse who begrudgingly took these photos. (I have been a little crabby... uh, demanding... er, somewhat of a perfectionist, in the past [he has cut off the top of my head before] so I am very appreciative of his efforts this time for fear that I may lose my photographer.

Here are a few more that I played with *insert-photo shopped stretch marks* and proof that I am not smuggling a basketball under my shirt! Hee hee (sorry it has been a long day and I am a little zoo-ey) :)


Jackie said...

Good Lord Child! I am coming to see you on June 29th!!!! We are traveling through on our way to Omaha!! Hopefully you'll be there! Love you!

Katie Glathar said...

Love the belly! Its all out front. I love the new hair cut. You are so beautiful, Cortney! You are almost there. I am praying for you.

K said...

You look amazing! I also love your hair---very cute! I am sure you will have this baby on Saturday night right during your baby shower :)

Connie said...

Woo-hoo!! The baby is still in there!! One more day and I am there...thanks for holding out!! Cortney you look so beautiful!! And your belly is HUGE!! Love the hair!! Good pics Jesse! Love ya~See you on friday!! Connie

Mandi! said...

Aaawwwe! What a cute mommy! Love the new 'do, too :)