Friday, September 04, 2009

My new little sister!

I always wanted a little sister, I got John. We used to call him bug bite because he was so pesky. Well, he grew up, wasn't quite so pesky and decided that I loved him! I love him even more because he gave me my wish for a little sister! She even came with Isaac, our 2 year old nephew! She is a sweet person and fits right in with our family! With all that they have been through this past year, they are starting on a strong foundation. I pray for blessings on their marriage and a prosperous life together!
Love you Christi and John


Macks and Knickknacks said...

Congratulations on getting a sister! Those pictures are really cute and that wedding looked like a lot of fun. I love you're blogging Cortney!

Connie said...

The boys and I had a great time looking at the pics and dancing to the music! That is a fun song! Connie