Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Love is...

Today being Valentines Day, (and me struggling to have a loving, patient, quiet heart), I decided to give you an example of what love looks like in our house hold!

Love is...
-48 cupcakes cooking in the oven for Awana's tonight.
-taking a breath before I yell at the next naughty act.
-crying and hugging on the kitchen floor with Colton after he markered on someone's sock, spit food at lunchtime and blatantly lied about other naughty choices. (yes, this all happened just this morning)
-praying for forgiveness and listening to my son's heartfelt prayer for forgiveness.
-printing off numerous hearts for pre-school time
-deciding that I could let them have cupcakes twice (at snacktime and tonight at Awanas) instead of making an additional snack
-sending a card and putting encouraging bible verses on decorative paper (to put up around her room) to a good friend that is in the hospital and away from her family. (Thanks for doing this for me, Jackie, when I was going through my divorce)
-prepping for supper (Jesse put himself on a rigid diet) and not trying to convince him we should go to Jakers!
-getting my heart right before the kiddos wake up from their nap!
-focusing on the people that I love and how I can impact their lives.
-giving thanks for them and the One that put them in my life!
-sharing my heart to my blog friends instead of just trying to pretend that everything is going well.
-and oh yeah, anticipating the maternity massage on Saturday that Jesse got me!!! :)

If you made it through the entire blog, thank you for being available for my online therapy session! I think I am better now and can accomplish the rest of my day with some enthusiasm! Hmm, can I really blame this on hormones! Hee Hee! I think that in honor of Valentines, I have earned a bite of chocolate! Love you all and hope that you are feeling loved!


Susie said...

mmm. Jaker's.
I'm no help.
Happy Valentine's Day :)

Summer said...

Ohhh...a massage. I could totally use a neck and shoulders massage! I'll be praying for you as you guide those kiddos. I know how taxing it can be watching after kids and trying to instill Godly characteristics in them. I don't know how you do being pregnant and all. I run out of energy and I'm not carrying a baby!

Amber Joy said...

I love you.

Katie Glathar said...

Thanks for being real