Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Anti-Floam blog

So normally I try to foster and grow any type of creative outlet, but NEVER again will it involve Floam!!! I had seen it on tv and have really wanted to try it! Colton got this from his dad a while ago and it looked pretty messy, so was put on a shelf until I could devote the time (i.e. direct supervision) to help him with it. Maybe our batches (there were two buckets in the package) were defective or whatever, but this boasted on the package how it was "No Mess". Not for us! Even after molding and mixing it for a few minutes, it completely stuck to our hands and nothing could wash it off! We finally had to peel it off with paper towels. Has anyone else had this experience with this product? If you haven't tried it or your child gets this as a gift, I would suggest hiding it, taking it back, or just throwing it away!


He also found an art easel I bought at the After-Thanksgiving Sale that, technically I haven't been hiding, but just didn't have the room right now with the basement being torn apart. So I put it together and here is a couple of pics I snapped of him and his first drawings.

First Self Portrait

Drawing a picture of me, Jesse and him

Mom (with baby in tummy), Jesse, and Colton.
(the squiggles on our foreheads? Our brains, of course)


The Melones said...

We actually tried this a couple of weeks ago and I had the same outcome as you at first so I promptly put it away. However, Kris got it down and stirred it for a while and it worked great and wasn't sticky at all. There was hardly any on his hands!! We put it on a coffee mug and Caed made a pencil holder. Did you apply it to anything, or just play with it? I don't know if applying it to something makes it have a different outcome? Sorry for you bad experience with it!!! Even though it was ok for us, I probably wouldn't buy it again. Caed never asked us to refill the order, so I'm assuming he's over it as well! :)

We are Jeff, Suzanne, Andrew and Aubrey said...

The pictures that Colton drew are too cute! The Floam looks like a huge mess. Thanks for the warning!

Anonymous said...

The pics Colton drew are awesome. I think it is amazing that he can put his thoughts together to make a great pic, especially the brain and the baby. Floam on the other hand- sorry it didn't work out! It looked like fun. Glad it showed up your mailbox and not mine...j/k. Hope everything is well and we can't wait to see Colton!