Monday, September 10, 2007

Our "bible"

So Jesse was probably one of those kids that pretended to pay attention at church and so I shouldn't have been surprised when he handed me the outline (giggling) this sunday with his "notes". Bold items are to be replaced with what is in parentheses.

Three Enemies of a Focused Family

1. Selfishness
(bible verses)
2. Slothfulness
Proverbs 24:30-34 I walked by the field (kitchen) of a lazy person, the vineyard (dishes and tupperware) of one lacking sense (were everywhere). I saw that it was overgrown with thorns. (the counter was messy.) It was covered with weeds (sticky stuff), and it's walls were broken down.

Hmmm, after a little discussion and him pleading "I meant this for both of us!", I had to laugh and have a little grace. I am thankful that he keeps things in perspective for me and knows when I need a chuckle. I love him!
But in my defense, Sunday morning I had two children dressed and clean, fresh blueberry pancakes and bacon prepared all before church and the mess from the previous nights' dinner (made by Jesse) taking over the counter.


Rachel M. said...

How funny! I think God loves the fact that we can have a sense of humor about the bible at times. :)
Great job on the breakfast too! I know I will NOT be in the mode for at least six months... oh, my induction is scheduled for Friday morning (very early!)... I'll have Kris text everyone once baby M. makes it's entry!!!

Laura Beth said...

Every Friday night at 7pm I'm working on "crafty" things in my basement--you are more than welcome to come over and scrap with me!!