Thursday, September 06, 2007

That's MY man!!!

As I type this, my awesome husband is boarding a plane for Florida. Why, you may ask?
We-he-elllll (as I puff out my chest for my humble hubby), he is being recognized nationally by the AUSA (attorneys) for a child exploitation case that he worked on, that led from a bad guy here to a really bad guy in Florida. He worked with Jon (Wendy's hubby) from the GFPD and another ICE agent out of Florida, who are also being recognized.

He is so cool. Plus really hot!!!! :)


Jackie said...

Look at those dimples! Oh Jesse "secret agent man" you will always be my hero! We are truly proud of you! Love ya. J

The Pettits said...

That's so cool! Kudos to Jesse!

Dani said...

Yeah for the good guys!