Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Elf on the Shelf Days 1-7

Day 1- Our Elf on the Shelf arrived and was named Remarkable Farkle Skittles (Colton and Christopher via names picked out of a hat) Evan was very excited that Farkle Skittles could correspond with Elfie (the Elf that reports to his house).

Day 2 - Dancing with Cinderella

Day 3- Riding a Ceramic Dragon with a toy sword in his hands (he heard we were going to visit Medevial Times that night)! Picture to come!

Day 4- Swinging around the kitchen light

Day 5- Getting a piggyback ride from our shelf frog!

Day 6 (November 30th): Farkle was found wrapped up in our Fall decorations and tearing them down since tomorrow is December and he wants the Christmas decorations to come out! He took this:

And did this:

Day 7: (December 1st) Since we didn't have a tree yet, Farkle thought he would help us by decorating the main floor bathroom. He is very excited to start celebrating Christmas!

Your eyes aren't fooling you, he dyed the toilet water green and put glitter and an ornament inside! Silly elves!

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