Saturday, April 21, 2007

Jackie and the Girls

So no baby yet. Grumble. If I don't go by Tuesday, my midwife is going to get things going for me. I like to say it is because we birth large babies in our family (which is true, 9 and 10 pounders), but it really comes down to my patience!

So on another note, I never posted anything about when Jackie and the girls came down for their Spring Break. It whirlwind of Big Sky Bagel, lounging in our pj's all day, giggling and the children's museum just before they zipped back home! It went way too fast (like it always does) and I pray this baby makes his debut soon so that it work for Jackie to visit me again! I am spoiled! It was too much fun! I didn't pick up the camera like I should have, so I only have pictures of the Children's Museum! Enjoy!

Our cheesy attempt at taking a picture of ourselves!

Ms. Banker ShelbyShae


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