Thursday, May 24, 2007

Miss Misplacement

In high school at the end of the year, my journalism teacher would hand out personal awards, reflecting a characteristic of you. Guess what I recieved, yup, Miss Misplacement. It was funny, but now I finally know how true it is.

Between juggling a 5 year old and a newborn and all the items required to fly said children to our home and back (and leaving one behind-sadness), I somehow misplaced my camera. Yes, my beautiful camera. That I have had less than 6 months. The one that Jesse let me have instead of treating himself to an XBOX360 (which was the same price). Sadness has come over our household. Christopher will make a cute face and I will reach for a camera that isn't there. moment of silence please............................

Seriously I am just sick over this. Of all the things out of the back pack I was carrying that I could've lost, why oh why did I have to lose this? I have one last phone number to call, to be put on a list next to my lost item, that they will probably never really check. I am just praying(and have been since I realized that it was missing) that whoever found it would have the conscience to take it to the lost and found. I really don't deserve (and we really can't afford) another camera if this doesn't turn up. But we have to document Colton and Christophers childhoods, so for me it is really unthinkable to go without a camera. I just feel incredibly guilty and just mad at myself over this.

Sorry it has been a couple weeks since I have blogged (my goal is to blog at a minimum once a week), it has just been hard since I have no new pictures to post and it reminds me of my camera stress! Ug.
Hope your weeks are going better!


Susie said...

Oh Cortney, this is tragic, indeed. I hope it will turn up soon. HUgs.

amber joy said...

Crazy that we are in the exact same boat. In Amsterdam, we left my camera at Dan's feet to juggle Caleb and food, and then got up to go. When we went back to get it, someone had already taken it. I cried, but now I'm just praying for some money to get a new one!