Friday, July 20, 2007

Trying to beat the heat!

So these pictures were taken a few weeks ago, but someone has been busy with other things so she is getting a little behind on the uploading of photos!

These were taken when, for a couple of weeks, the temperatures rose over 100* and didn't cool off at night. Which we count on, so opening the windows at night gave us very little relief. We resorted to pulling our mattress off of our bed and bringing it into the living room, taxing our little window air conditioner. The "ghetto" camping was kind of fun for a little bit, but, thankfully it began to cool off again at night and we moved back to our room! I seriously don't know how pioneer people could do it! No air, all those clothes, I am glad I exist at this time! (I do realize how whiny I am sounding!)

Christopher is not impressed with heat!

Finger-licking good!

I put this one on for Jackie.
Christophers' two finger suck is reminiscent of my little friend Shae!

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Jackie said...

Umm...just to let you know...Baby Evelyn is a finger sucker too! HA! LOVE YOU BUNCHes