Thursday, December 18, 2008


Rocking out to Christopher's toy

Dancing... Christopher style

Wild Angel

Colton's Wish List

1. Ashoka and Rotta
2. Hulk car
3. Spy Gear
4. Sk8/parks
5. Lego sw (Star Wars) rebel attack
6. moon shoes
7. a guitur
8. a Nerf gun
9. Air wick
10. Heeleys
11. J-ello
12. baken (bacon)
13. humidifier

Can you guess, by looking at his list, when we moved from the toys to groceries? The air wick was for Christopher's diapers and jello was to make, I don't know about the bacon.


Susie said...


Christel louise said...

Fun list. Hope your Christmas is wonderful girl.

Rachel Melone said...

Love the Christmas list! J-ello? Caed would ask for that too! haha. Hope you all had fun in Cali! You must come over for a play date soon! Love you!

Mandi! said...

That is hilarious- definitely a keeper:)