Monday, March 23, 2009

Home and back to... nOrM@L?!

Hi there everyone, just getting this crossed off my list before the pics just sit on my camera and collect "figurative" dust!

Grandpa Bill (Bob's Dad) passed away, so we left a few days earlier to attend the funeral, so there are a few pictures with us dressed nicely. Then mostly pics of us hanging out, the kids dipping goodies into chocolate syrup (quick alternative to setting up the chocolate fountain, but still just as messy!), a few pics from escorting my mom and Bob to Iowa City (5 hrs one way) for one of my Mom's melanoma checkups, and then playing in my Mom's backyard. So here's the pics from our trip to Iowa...

Most of the group

Christopher very dapper in his suit

Ashlee, Christopher, Evan, Blake and Kacie
Chocolate anyone?
Kacie keeping it clean

Evan digging right in!
Christopher trying not to get his hands dirty
Blake, not worried about getting messy!

Christopher and Grandma Julie relaxing on the couch


Bouquet of flowers Jesse and Colton sent me, I think they missed us!

Riding on the carousel in Iowa City mall
Please, no more traveling!!!
(on the way home from Iowa City)

Kacie and Christopher playing with the lobster at Red Lobster

Grrr! I guess this is payback for the pic I put on her cell phone!

Hanging out in my mom's backyard

Kacie and Christopher blowing bubbles


Rachel Melone said...

Glad you are home! I know it's probably nuts! Thanks for your encouraging words on my blog! It really wasn't a big deal, I just hate when companies don't reward people for doing the right thing- that's why most people don't!! :) Did you get my message on facebook about canceling Tag a Long playdate at my house tomorrow. Strep throat overtook us this weekend...

Mandi! said...

Welcome back! Glad it all went safe and hope you're catching up on rest(?) :) Your Christopher is sooo cute!

PS- caught a little glimpse of your side shot- can you embelish??