Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gypsy Life: Day 24 (Yesterday)

Well, my "gypsy life" is coming to an end! The movers are coming today to unload our stuff! What an exciting day. I really enjoy hotel life, but there is nothing like sleeping in your own (king size) bed and just having everything settled. Though I know that there will still be alot of nesting to do before we really feel "settled in", getting into our house will be so wonderful! I apologize for lacking on the blog-front, we have been getting the house ready to move in. Here are a few pics to catch you up to speed on all the happenings this week.

There are few things that a truly hate and one of them is taping trim. I loathe it. And most of the time it comes un-stuck, so it is almost pointless, but we are kind of messy painters and I am thankful for all that it does cover up. Anyway, here is a glimpse of 1) the five rolls of blue tape we used, 2) the "interesting" paint technique in the background that ran from the front door, through the hallway, up the stairs to the bedroom and all downstairs, and 3) our cozy, delicious brown that we chose for the entryway and living room.

my little "helper"Colton cleaning out the ice box

(Is it weird that while traveling I won't use ice that is already in the freezer? I have encountered this situation at a few times at the various hotels and I just can't bring myself to use ice that has been made from an unknown source. I think of the random person that was in the hotel room before us and I picture a villainous sort that would taint the cubes for the next guest, just because they can. Hm, add "ice snob" to the list of things that I am "particular" about.)

So any of you that truly know me, know that this makes me smile... a lot. We have one of these 0.3 miles from our house and it has a playland. (sigh) many a snowy-day lunches will be spent here, happily munching their nuggets while my children play. :)

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Anonymous said...

WOO-HOO CHICK-FIL-A!! YEAH! Finally all of your prayers have been answered! haha! Yummy nuggets dipped into original sauce! God knew what you needed! :) Love the brown paint on the walls (my words are not as descriptive as yours! ha CANNOT wait to visit! :) Love ya! Connie