Monday, January 17, 2011

A little this, a little that...

Cubbie bear came to visit this week (Awanas), so we had a little "going away party" with all of his friends he met this week.
Nothing is more highly anticipated than cookies in the oven.
Do you think the person who invented the light inside of the oven knew that this would be the result?

He was trying to sniff the cookies though the glass.

I love the full belly-tickle laughs!

Carson was extremely intrigued by the lobsters we had on New Years.
Christopher was a little leery until he could retaliate with his swords.

On New Years Eve it is sort of a tradition to pick one of our favorite indulgences. For me and Jesse, we had lobster, Colton picked Fruity Pebbles, and Christopher chose chocolate donuts. The sugar rush helped them stay up til midnight.
I will repeat (and you'll hear me say it again), how much I love our LoveSac! This picture of Carson makes him look like a baby bird in a nest! (This was right after it was all fluffed up)


Anonymous said...

The lovesac makes me think of why you are now pregnant with baby #4! Not that it is where it began...just an interesting name is all! :) Seeing these pics makes me so excited for my visit! :) I love your idea on NY to pig out on your indulgences!! :) I might copy that! :) LOVE YOU! Connie

Cortney said...

1st- you're a dork and defile the name Love Sac. hehe
2nd- indulging on New Years is just an excuse to indulge :) But it makes it justifiable.
3rd- I am also very excited for you two to come visit!