Monday, September 12, 2011

Baby and bottles and brothers, oh my!

 So today I will attempt to introduce bottles to Calista. I am really hopeful since my last two children never touched a bottle, though I would have to blame it on my lack of "doing".
And as much as I have tried (which really isn't much), I have no idea why blogger keeps taking my pictures and orienting them any which way it pleases. I have tried to fix this and just don't have the time to waste on it anymore. I am sure that whoever thought that it would help people to "auto-flip" your pictures for you, but once again, the computer does not recognize how "I" actually want my pics. So sorry, I really did try to fix this, but couldn't, so you get to view the pics all *dilly-wampus*. Enjoy!

Enjoying her first real bath!

I think I may have a spa buddy!
Woo Hoo for 4th Grade!!!

Calista with her penguin buddy! 2 weeks- for growth reference

Carson enjoying his new toy! (Sheesh look how BIG he looks!)

(Sorry upside-down: read above)
Carson hanging out with Calista

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