Monday, October 01, 2007

Imagine that.

Turn off TV + turn off computer = clean house

We are finally seeing the final steps of the inside of our house being finished. Tomorrow we have our bedroom set being delivered. I am so excited to have "grown up" furniture, you know an actual set that matches and is not hand-me-down or yard sale treasures (don't think that I am opposed to either)! We still have some trim work and painting as a result of the windows, but it really feels like this house has come together. Dare I say that we love it. Now we get to attack the debt that is a result of our home improvements!

I don't know why I am kind of rambling, sorry.

Anyway, for those within driving distance:
For all Stay At Home Moms/Wife (or if you just have the day off!)
Tuesday Oct. 9th
Playgroup at my house
10:30 to ?
Build your own tacos and other various mexican food will be served.

Hope to see you there!


Brown said...

I wish I could come..have to work. Maybe another time?

The Pettits said...

If I could just grab a plane...hope you had fun:)

Congrats on the 'new' home! Isn't that a fun feeling??