Sunday, October 21, 2007

New brain

If I only had a brain...

We finally got sick of our computer randomly turning off and I am sitting at a new computer. I haven't had a new computer in over 6 years! I love it! New gadgets and things to do! Here are a few pics since I had to try out the cool memory card slot right on the front of the PC! Yea! Oh, pardon me while I wipe the smoochie marks off of the screen so I can post this!

Yum. BK is great fuel for soccer, right?
Jackie enjoying the game!
Alex and Shelby entertaining themselves with Stackers!

GO MUSTANGS!!! Hurray for Coach Ashby!


Dani said...

I know Coach Ashby, does Turner play on Colton's team too? They were two houses down from mine and I had Kye at school. Please tell them hi if you get a chance. Hi to you guys too! Miss you!

Our Happenin's said...

I'm jealous! You were with Jackie! How fun!