Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas times a comin'

Colton getting the tree ready. Someday I will get a real tree for Christmas, but for now I will go with the kid-friendly, non-vacuuming needles, not-thinking-about-fire-hazard-because-I-forget-to-water... plastic tree.

These last two were taken with the camera on my phone. Sorry that they are all pixelated, I forgot my camera!

Christopher checking out Santa. Jesse says, "There's only one fat guy bringing presents to our house and he isn't wearing a red suit." Thankfully Colton doesn't get what he is saying, but laughs anyway.

Colton putting in his "order" to Santa.
Dear Lord, please let us find a Bumblebee Transformer. Amen


We are Jeff, Suzanne, Andrew and Aubrey said...

Bumblebee must be popular, that's the only one Andrew asked for too! Keep checking Wal-Mart, that's where we found Andrew's way in the back of the bunch and not in the right spot! Hope you are successful! Happy Holidays :)

Cortney said...

I finally found one at It's not exactly the one he was wanting but I refuse to pay $170 for a toy that a month ago was $80 and Colton will probably only play with it for a couple months and then it will be on the shelf along with his other toys.

Rachel Melone said...

Way too cute. They look so angelic!
I restarted my blog!
So you better be visiting it! Talk soon.

Dani said...

Have a wonderful Christmas! I was able to help the Dustins decorate their tree and was able to satisfy my tree fix. The pics of the boys and Santa were great.