Thursday, February 14, 2008

Expressions of Love

So Christopher and I are in California taking care of Great Grandma Althea while Jesse's dad has surgery in San Francisco and his mom takes care of him. So far we have been doing really well! Today we went on a little walk around the neighborhood and since it is Valentines day, I was reflecting on expressions of love.

I love my little boys. I love my husband. I love my family and extended family and I love my God. I hope that my actions reflect this love everyday. I hope that they will never question how much I cherish them (even when administering discipline).

Happy Valentines Day!

PS. my in-laws got me a Wii and I am beyond excited. I know that a lot of you ladies out there don't quite understand the excitement of video games, but I am a dork. God made me especially for my husband and to be a mother of boys, so he put in me a desire to play video games.

Also this is a picture of us right before our walk. Grandma is really excited but due to her stroke, it is hard for her to smile.


amber joy said...

isn't it funny how God makes us each just the perfect mommy and wife for the husbands and boys that we have? He's so good at that!

Jackie said...

No wonder your not answering my calls!!! Hopefully everything is okay with Jesse's father! We will keep him in our prayers! You are such a blessing to all of us! I miss you Cortney Rae!!!! love ya J

Katie Glathar said...

We missed you yesterday! Have a great time

Rachel Melone said...

You are such an awesome woman, Cortney! And, I will be sending my boys over to your house for the video game phase because I just can't do it! You will be the "cool" mom that plays video games...hahah.

Summer said...

I really really really want to play the Wii. I have yet to try it. May I invite myself over so that you guys can feel oh so powerful at beating my butt at the games? Perty perty please? With a cherry on top. I'll even trade it for an evening of babysitting! :D

Dani said...

Hey, I was in Great Falls and you were in California. Missed getting to see you! Glad your trip to Cali is going well.